DGA Awards Unveils Documentary Nominees

The DGA today announced its nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentaries, with three of the five feature-length films — How To Survive A Plague, The Invisible War and Searching For Sugar Manalso receiving Oscar nominations last week. Winners will be announced February 2 at the 65th annual DGA Awards Dinner in Hollywood in a ceremony hosted by Kelsey Grammer. Here are the guild’s nominees in alphabetical order:

The Invisible War
Rise Films
Fork Films
Cuomo Cole Productions
Canal Plus
Chain Camera Pictures

This is Mr. Dick’s first DGA Award nomination.

Searching For Sugar Man
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Passion Pictures Production
Canfield Pictures & The Documentary Company
Red Box Films

This is Mr. Bendjelloul’s first DGA Award nomination.

The Queen of Versailles
Magnolia Pictures
Evergreen Pictures
BBC Storyville
Impact Partners
Candescent Films
Plus Pictures
Queen of Versailles, LLC

This is Ms. Greenfield’s first DGA Award nomination.

How To Survive A Plague
Public Square Films
Ford Foundation/Justfilms Impact Partners
How to Survive a Plague, LLC

This is Mr. France’s first DGA Award nomination.

Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry
United Expression Media
Muse Film and Television
Never Sorry, LLC

This is Ms. Klayman’s first DGA Award nomination.

  1. i’m so excited to see the recognition “Sugarman” is receiving! Such a wonderful film..! if you have not seen it…go go go

  2. The Queen of Versailles is fantastic. It’s like a wonderful slow motion train wreck, that you just can’t turn away from. My only complaint is that I wish it was nine hours longer.

  3. Documentaries like ‘The Invisible War’ are changing systemic problems in our culture.
    This film has initiated change in our legislation, medical trauma treatment programs, military justice system and general conscientiousness!
    Congratulations to the brave filmmakers!
    Regina Kulik Scully
    Founder/CEO Artemis Rising Foundation

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