ENTV: Pete Hammond On Oscar Nominations - And Snubs

Watch Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond talk about Best Picture Oscar nominees with ENTV’s Brian Corsetti, followed after the jump by looks at Best Actor/Actress nominees, Best Animated Feature and other hopefuls plus a discussion of Oscar nominations snubs. After the videos you’ll also find a collection of links to all of Deadline’s Oscar nominations coverage.

Best Picture

Best Actor/Actress

Best Animated Feature and Other Nominations

Oscar Nomination Snubs

Deadline’s Full Oscar Nominations Coverage:

85th Academy Award Nominations

Nominations By Studio & Distributor

Nominations By Picture

Reactions To Academy’s Nominations

Hammond On Oscars: Despite Stunners, This Is Still A Wide-Open Race

Who Got Snubbed By Academy?

Parsing The Foreign Language Nominees

Academy President Defends Online Voting

Seth MacFarlane’s ABC Promos – Video

Meanest Oscar Noms Announcement Ever? – Video

  1. When are people going to stop equating box office sucess with a film’s quality.

    Box office success relies primarily on marketing, audience interest and accessibility; although quality can certainly boost a film’s box office mojo, it is not directly proportional to the film’s grosses. In fact, in most cases, it has little to do with the movie’s financial success (“Transformers”, anyone?).

    Awards should be given for quality and not because the movie “made lots of money”. Heaven knows that mass audiences flock to movies regardless of quality.

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