OSCARS: Who Got Snubbed By Academy?

Some Oscar dreams flourished and some were dashed with this morning’s announcement of the 85th annual Academy Award nominations. Academy voters can be as harsh as they can be predictable, and some snubs seem designed to sting. Thankfully some take it with a degree of humor. “I just got snubbed for a flu shot at CVS,” tweeted Prometheus co-writer Damon Lindelof today. Here are some of the directors, films and actors who got left out today even though they might have deserved better.

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Kathryn Bigelow The Zero Dark Thirty director was the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker– she won’t be repeating that feat this year even though her film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden was nominated for Best Picture. “Kathryn Bigelow was robbed. So f—ed up. #recount,” tweeted ZD30 producer Megan Ellison after the nominations were announced Thursday.

Leonardo DiCaprio – He got a Supporting Actor nomination from the Golden Globes for his Calvin Candie in Django Unchained but nothing today — cast mate Christoph Waltz got the nod.

Marion Cotillard – No Best Actress for her Rust and Bone performance?

The Intouchables A big hit at home and France’s submission for Best Foreign film, this comedy-drama Weinstein released movie got treated like an untouchable.

Ben Affleck No Best Director or Best Actor for Argo. Really? Even though it got a Best Picture nomination?

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Skyfall Yes it’s a James Bond movie. But, as the PGA recognized, it is a Sam Mendes-directed Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem. It would have been a nice addition to the tribute the Academy plans for the Bond movies’ 50th anniversary during the Oscarcast, but Oscar himself was neither shaken nor stirred beyond Adele’s best song nom.

Cloud Atlas Not even a technical nomination? The Academy must have really hated it.

John Hawkes – His performance in The Sessions made this past nominee seem a sure thing for a Academy Award nomination – what happened Oscar?

Rise Of The Guardians That must have really hurt over at DreamWorks Animation this morning.

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Quentin Tarantino – The Golden Globes gave the Django Unchained helmer a nomination and the Academy gave the movie itself a Best Picture nomination today but no Best Director for Quentin? Too much controversy?

Perks Of Being A Wallflower If any movie called out for Best Adapted Screenplay, it was this coming of ager directed and written by Stephen Chbosky based on his own acclaimed 1999 novel. And yet Oscar offered no perks at all.

Christopher Nolan Holy Oversight, Batman! Even though Inception was nominated for Best Picture in 2010 and he’s picked up a pair of writing noms, The Dark Knight Rises director has never received a nomination for his helming work — including on the hugely successful Batman franchise. And just like with 2005’s Batman Begins and 2008’s The Dark Knight, Nolan was again left off the Best Director list.

Matthew McConaughey – His compelling performance as male strip club owner Dallas in Magic Mike was overlooked for a Supporting Actor nod from SAG and the Golden Globes. Now the Academy has brought the curtain down altogether.

Samuel L. Jackson – His turn as Candyland’s head slave Stephen in Django Unchained really did deserve better from the Academy.

Tom Hooper – The Les Miserables director and 2010 Best Director Oscar winner for The King’s Speech was passed over by the Golden Globes but landed a DGA nomination. Guess Oscar decided it liked the first tune more than the second.

Looper Rian Johnson’s original screenplay was witty, moving, intricate, and it had time travel – and yet the Academy remained unmoved.

Helen Mirren – Nominated for a BAFTA for her role in Hitchcock, this past Oscar winner’s turn with a Hollywood icon just didn’t get the love from the Academy this year.

The Dark Knight Rises – No even a single technical nomination? The Academy’s prejudice against superhero movies is a joke but the shutting out of TDKR is no laughing matter.

Moonrise Kingdom It got a Best Original Screenplay nomination but what about directing, the actors, the design?  …this is a Wes Anderson film after all.

Paul Thomas Anderson – Yes The Master got three big Actor nominations for Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams but no Best Director or Best Screenplay for Anderson?

Flight No visual effects nominations? That plane crash was amazing and deserving.

Marvel’s The Avengers Only one nomination? The public flocked to see this film. You’d hope the Academy would get pasted its superhero bias and recognize that — or at least Joss Whedon, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. or Disney itself.

    1. What is the Academy’s issue with Leo? Loved Waltz in Inglorious and he deserved the Oscar. But, Leo deserved this nod over Waltz.

      Director category was a shock without Bigelow and Afleck and maybe even Tarantino. But, it is exciting to see the Academy to not just go with the popular. Although, I do think that Life of PI should have gotten the nod, as it did, for screenplay – but Director? No. It is a great story that was just not THAT we’ll produced.

        1. John Hawkes is one of the Best Actor’s in Hollywood. His talent is out of this world. But, he shall return.

        2. No one thought “Life of Pi” the book could ever be made into a decent movie. Lee pulled it off, that’s why the nod and the DGA agreed as well.

          1. The DGA nominated Tom Hooper for Les Mis as well. I wouldn’t take their votes this year as very credible.

        3. Yup.

          Still waiting for Hollywood to realize Ang Lee’s word is childish and pedestrian.

          When I watch his movies, I feel like I’m either watching a Mexican soap opera or something for kids. No matter WHAT the subject-matter of the film is, or how strong the screenplay itself may be, his lensing and directing always feels like a Benji movie.

        1. I don’t care one way or another about Leonardo DiCaprio, but he is NOT more desperate for an Oscar than anybody else in Hollywood — far from it. If you really believe that, you are delusional.

          1. Almost any actor, whether they admit it or not, wants an Oscar. And how is Leo desperate? Is he throwing himself at academy members on his hands and knees, and begging to be nominated? He gave an amazing performance, and that it went unnoticed is just outrageous.

      1. Waltz got points for proving Landa could still be memorizing on the hero’s side. But to paraphrase Red Letter Media, DiCaprio’s only good when he’s given an excuse to overact.

      2. Leo getting screwed YET AGAIN just so that they can have their “They have won before!” crap is not only unfair but also just plain wrong. Who stole the scene in the entire movie? Who of all the actors this years just screams Oscar Nomination?! Leo, Leo and Leo again. WTF happened there? I knew it as soon as they showed Christoph Waltz it was so over. I really don’t know if DiCaprio will ever win an Oscar. He’s really starting to look like Peter O’Toole and it’s PATHETIC. Bunch of losers and one timers like Jamie Foxx, Jean Dujardin and Roberto Benigni have won the Oscar and Leo gets overlooked year and year again. And I am the first to admit that I disliked his work in Revolutionary Road and in J. Edgar and yet he should have gotten it this year. Such BS! :-( ((((((((

        1. Leo looked like a little kid playing dress up. Sorry, he’s just not that great an actor. He sounds like he walked out of an arcade in 1989.

        2. I can see you really admire the guy. Hes been in lots of great movies. He himself though? Just not that inspiring of an actor. He brings in bucks, give him that. But I thought his performance was hardly stronger than Fox in Django, (He cant yell-when he does he sounds like spoiled brat) and just not in the same league as Day-Lewis in Lincoln, for example.

      3. I agree about Leo’s perform. in Django, but he’s got to look older than he does. For me watching him, all the botox he’s doing, I can’t take him seriously as a man older than 30 y.o. Leo — lay off the botox!

      4. Though I detest giving the Academy any credit, they must realize that Leo does NOT deserve a nomination.

        DiCaprio may don costumes and makeup, but he really just does the same affected Leo portrayl in every film.

    2. If anyone still finds the Oscars Credible than read this:

      Mirror Mirror and Snow White & The Huntsman can call themselves “Academy Award Nominated” Films.
      Looper, Cloud Atlas, and even The Dark Knight Rises can’t.

      How Sad.

        1. Absolutely! Not just Marion Cotillard, but why hasn’t anyone mentioned Jack Black in Bernie? And Shirley MacLaine as well! Great film—my favorite of last year!

      1. well put…is it any wonder some of our greatest talent has been overlooked by the academy (and the special life achievement thing does not count)…

      2. Well, at least we all seem to get the fact that Academy Award nominated doesn’t really mean “best”

      1. How did it get a directing nom?

        The movie is overrated for many reasons, but the direction is the one element that LEAST deserves an award.

        1. I may be the 5,000th comment like this – I can’t seem to get over how ridiculous this nomination is so will add to the chorus- it’s preposterous- same as best pic joke. It is wrong and clearly something to do with voting procedure. And while others can grumble and debate, they will get over it. What’s truly messed up is that the filmmakers who were robbed, are being deprived in a very big way. Yes, they are fortunate people and aren’t deprived of much else, but this is a creative travesty.

  1. The Director’s branch of the Oscars needs serious tuning up. Katherine Bigelow’s snub is as atrocious as Joe Wright’s in 2008. It just doesn’t make ANY LICKING sense. I’m very curious who makes up this branch of the Academy.

    1. Agreed. How could there be such a vast difference between the DGA and the Academy? Bigelow deserved to be nominated as did John Hawkes. Sadness this morning.

      1. This is the first time my first reaction to seeing the nominations has been WTF! For Bigelow and Affleck to be left off the list gives the directing branch a huge black eye. John Hawkes, Rachel Weisz and Marion Cotillard got the shaft as well in the lead actress category. If Deadline readers get so fired up, imagine how those actually affected must be feeling.

        1. Someone had to make room for AMOUR director – the DGA should have nominated him, and thankfully the Academy did.

          1. sorry but i disagree…the complexity and dedication that it took to make Zero Less Thirty and Argo cannot be compared to Amour…Zero left you on the edge of your seat throughout…Argo was so unique in its own right…so we don’t ackowledge focusing on our country’s acts of valor? sick…Academy members too old, too set in their ways…and they think to be hip they have to nominate Beast…leave it with the independents…good film but not worthy of director, actor noms…

    2. The incredibly convoluted voting system is the reason why we’re getting such weird noms and snubs. Voters shouldn’t have to kick themselves into rankink their picks knowing only one of them will get their support. A preferential points system would be much better (#1 = 5 points, #2 = 4 points, etc.) since every pick would get a little smth and voters would be truly encouraged to fill their ballots completely.

  2. It’s a shame that Ben didn’t get the nod, but what’s more shameful is that John Hawks didn’t get the nod for Thr Session????

    1. Dude says “HIGH FIVE” on Twitter. Love his work, nice as heck, but no one will ever get a writing award by thinking that’s funny.

    2. I disagree. This post will contain SPOILERS, so don’t read if you haven’t seen the film.

      The script is ambitious and sometimes witty in terms of its visual ideas (older Seth’s torture) and dialogue (the restaurant scene), but the execution of some of the story and tonal elements were often lacking. For one thing, I couldn’t believe that – after Bruce Willis kills those children – Johnson could have included a sequence dedicated to how awesome Willis is e.g. the killing of the other loopers. The character had overstepped a line by killing those kids, and I couldn’t believe that Johnson included a fun sequence afterwards involving Willis doing playful ‘Die Hard’-style kills. That felt like a tonal imbalance, and it’s a problem with a lot of his work (a child molestation storyline was toned down in ‘The Brothers Bloom’ was cutting down the screen-time of a supporting character).

      And – although many may disagree with me – but I thought the whole depiction of the kid was kinda silly, too. I don’t particularly care for ‘The Omen’ sub-genre of evillllllllllll kids, mainly because screenwriters don’t seem to know how to portray the children as anything other than little adults who … don’t … blink … regularly. Johnson throws in some cool effects, but the result is underwhelming.

      I don’t dislike the film, but I think that – whilst ambition is important – that a screenplay nomination should recognise execution, too. And that script’s execution (including a unmotivated voice-over) was nowhere near close to perfect.

  3. Chris Nolan does not deserve a nom for Dark Knight Rises. I just watched again and it is a horribly flawed movie. Full of convenient plot turns, baffling motives and just flat-out goofy at times. I enjoyed Skyfall, but no way should it have been up for best picture. Ben Affleck, no nom for best director or best actor? Yeah, really! (I can half-understand the best director argument on this, but best actor??)

    1. yes, you are right it is a flawed movie. and inception is not the original film that everyone thinks as it appropriates some concepts from the 60s version of star trek. BUT i think nolan is a brilliant director. TDKR did not deserve a best film nomination but it should have received a cinematography nomination and technical noms.

    2. I object. I dare any of you to make a film like inception. chances are, you’ll be taking home as many razzies as adam sandler last year. It was pure perfection. dark knight rises was flawed in some places ill admit, but screenplay, cinematography, special effects, and sound mixing (not sound editing. bane’s voice was weird) is beyond overlooked. the first half was a superbly done character study, the second half was epic street war extravaganza. and who could forget that ending? perks of being a wallflower and looper were missing. skyfall so does deserve a best picture nomination. best bond ever. and ben affleck’s acting wasn’t superb on any level. it was an everyman role. he’s a good actor, yes, but his acting was not a snub. his directing, on the other had, was a snub that made me almost cry. he and bigelow.

  4. No Leo! The Academy must hate him…first Titanic, now this…

    Ben Affleck must have pissed off the wrong person…

    John Hawkes was ROBBED…he was amazing in The Sessions…

    BTW…with SLP getting Picture, Director, Screenplay, and all acting nominations, it might be a frontrunner over Lincoln…

    1. Just like when Russell threw the phone. I blame Halle & her boyfriend’s flying fists partly for why it’s not there.

    2. I am really dismayed that Cloud Atlas didn’t even get a technical nomination. It is further proof that society is losing the ability to pay attention. I admit thought that it is the type of movie that either you love as I did or you hate like apparently many others.

      I think that they got the Flight nominations right. It was a decent addiction procedural with an extraordinary acting performance by Denzel Washington.

      I get beat up when I say this but I wasn’t impressed with Zero Dark Thirty. It felt like a conventional movie that was nominated more for the subject matter and controversy rather than the quality of the film.

    3. It’s one of my best picture of the year. I’m not sure if they ran a heavy awards campaign, though.

    4. The fact that Cloud Atlas didn’t get a single nod just blows me away, especially for makeup / hair styling, which has only 3 of the 5 slots filled. Two empty slots…so it didn’t get one vote? Not even a discussion to give two other films credit? Granted I wasn’t overly impressed with the Caucasian / Asian makeup attempt, but there were so many other impressive examples of transforming the actors that it easily rivals the Hobbit, which also had it’s share of unconvincing makeup for a few dwarves.

      I also thought it might get a nomination for Film Editing, and possibly Production Design. Crazy.

      1. Absolutely DEVASTATED that this gem of a film wasn’t given one – single – nod for any of it’s achievements. To me, this is movie of the year material.

        RedHaven hit it on the head when saying that its definitely a sign of society’s lack of ability to pay attention.

        Truly sad, this movie is magical.

  5. Another major snub is John Hawkes for best actor in The Sessions. He was absolutely brilliant in this film which also should have been nominated for best Picture & Best Director. Quentin Tarantino not getting a nod for Best Director for Dango Unchained was also a major snub.

  6. Why on earth would Affleck be nominated for best actor? He was terrible and wooden in Argo. Also the movie isn’t as great as he and Clooney think it is.

    1. Truer words. Affleck showed he has the charisma of mulch in that Movie, plus it too had early controversies, with basically the entire story being a fabrication designed to once again put the CIA in ther heroic role, instead of the Canadian embassy. One wonders whats going on with film production these days.

  7. Affleck’s snub on Argo is definitely going to be this year’s big controversy, but thankfully he’s still young in his directing career and will almost certainly be recognized in the future at the pace he’s going. Dude rules.

    Hoping for Argo or Silver Linings to get lots of actual awards, though Zero Dark is definitely the one to beat if the other circuits are on indication.

  8. Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow omission for director is hard to understand.

    Overall, the Academy did okay. Beasts, Amour, Naomi Watts and others did get the recognition they deserve.

    There will always be omissions and choices to disagree over, but it is hard to question any who were nominated.

    It should be a wide open awards season with a variety of different winners. This always makes it more interesting.

  9. Leonardo Dicaprio & Samuel L. Jackson were deserving of nominations for their villainous performances in Django Unchained. Also, no writing nomination for Paul Thomas Anderson for The Master ? I guess the Academy thinks that Joachin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Adams just made it all up as they went along.

    1. I made a comment similar to this on the ASC nom post, but I think the Academy might nominate screenplays based on how well the screenplay tells a story. As “The Master” had no story, it was most likely left out of the running.

      1. ok I saw this comment before & I let it slide without a retort but maybe *YOU* didn’t see the story in THE MASTER but there was one. it was not “just a series of vignettes”. maybe it was over your head?

        1. The oh-you -don’t-get-it-because-it’s-over-your-head comment may work in freshman philosophy but really, it’s a bunch of crap. That movie was about nothing – it was the beginning of an idea that was lazily put together. Too bad- people were excited to see a great director tell an interesting STORY.

  10. Why such contempt for Ben Afflect? He deserved a Best Actor nod, and deserved to win for his brilliant direction of “ARGO” which put every other directorial nom in the shade. Compared to the Oscar, the Golden Globes are beginning to look like the epitome of sanity and intelligence!

        1. uhh, the guy actiually wrote “He deserved a Best Actor nod…”. don’t be patronizing if you’re not going to even bother reading.

    1. So true, it’s disgusting. “That’s My Boy” was CRYING out for an Oscar nom, probably for Best Picture/director but AT LEAST best actor for Sandler (and best screenplay, cinematography, the list goes on). Once again the academy chooses not to honor the obvious, most deserving choice!

  11. Not sure why there is so much shock about Kathryn Bigelow. The movie was incredibly slow. The only thing that saved it was its acting, which was recognized by the Academy.
    The big shock to me was Tarantino not getting nominated. Django had great pace and was over before you even looked at your watch. That is quite a feat for a movie that long.

    1. Are you kidding? All I did was look at my watch. And at the halfway point , with men beating each other to death with hammers, I’d had enough and fled the theater.

    2. Django did have great pace for about 2 hours, but the last 45 minutes was a slow-moving, incoherent mess.

    3. so you’re saying bigelow’s film was too ‘slow’ and that’s why she didn’t get a best director nomination. but being too ‘slow’ apparently did not disqualify it for a best film nomination.

      it’s the sexism of the director’s guild. that’s what it is. and the reason tarantino did not got nominated is based on jealousy as the dude is his own genre. –BUT i personally am not fan of tarantino he treated roger avary shamelessly.

      1. The sexism of the director’s guild? Kathryn Bigelow WON the Oscar just a few years ago. I’ll agree of course that Hollywood (and the whole world) is sexist, but there were a lot of worthy candidates this year and they didn’t feel like nominating Bigelow. It doesn’t have to be sexism. Now, Sofia Coppola not winning for Lost in Translation… I could buy some sexism there.

  12. there was a few snubs i reckon—-
    ben affleck–director
    john hawkes–lead actor
    tom hooper–director
    nicole kidman–paperboy

  13. What is the Academy’s issue with Leo? Loved Waltz in Inglorious and he deserved the Oscar. But, Leo deserved this nod over Waltz.

    Director category was a shock without Bigelow and Afleck and maybe even Tarantino. But, it is exciting to see the Academy to not just go with the popular. Although, I do think that Life of PI should have gotten the nod, as it did, for screenplay – but Director? No. It is a great story that was just not THAT we’ll produced.

    1. Sad about Tarantino not getting best director nod, but he DOES need to stay on the other side of the camera.

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