It’s an epidemic. Look at these ridiculous recent examples of photoshopping. At a time when more actresses are allowing themselves to be photographed without makeup, Hollywood ageism is still alive and well and fueled by movie posters and celeb magazines:

First, here’s Barbra Streisand on her new movie The Guilt Trip‘s one-sheet for Skydance/Paramount opening December 19th. Of course she had complete approval so this phony baloney is her fault. (Well, the pic is supposed to be a comedy.) Then again it’s humiliating to have pundits like Deadline’s own Pete Hammond write Streisand’s Gypsy: Too Old — Or Going For The Gold?:

4 years
Even ex prime Minster of New Zealand, Helen Clarke (now with United Nations) had one of her...
4 years
Saw The Guilt Trip and although the trailer looks absolutely stupid, the actual film is touching and...
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4 years
Even still it's a practical fact that women and minorities make up a pathetic few percentage points...

Then here’s an unrecognizable Gwyneth Paltrow from InStyle UK’s January 2013 cover. Could they have done this without her say-so?