Hot Trailer: 'Zero Dark Thirty'

On the heels of Zero Dark Thirty‘s critics groups acclaim and Golden Globes and SAG Awards nominations, Sony Pictures has released what is described as the final trailer for director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal’s movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden:

    1. Is that a political statement or showbiz analysis? Torture certainly figures into the popular SAW series and its many imitators. When torture is depicted in blockbusters like CASINO ROYALE and SAFE HOUSE, it’s not usually a positive portrayal. As for films that directly confront the torture-heavy war on terror, I can only think of box-office bombs like RENDITION and BODY OF LIES. So yeah, audiences don’t seem to mind torture as long as the context isn’t too realistic.

      But what does it all mean? I’d seen Han Solo tortured by the time I was 10. Then I saw the Spanish Inquisition parodied by Monty Python, not to mention torture scenes in LETHAL WEAPON, RESERVOIR DOGS, even THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Meanwhile, I was also catching unflinching films like MISSING, PLATOON, and SALVADOR, works that dramatize crimes against humanity in a disturbingly real world. But all these viewing experiences play little or no role in my personal stance on the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in real life. There are far more influential viewing experiences to be had. Everyone got to watch the horrors of 9/11, yet there’s no live feed from Guantánamo.

  1. Thats another weak trailer for a very good film. Having seen the film a few weeks I can vouch that there is PLENTY of material for a smart, thrilling and intelligent trailer. But none of those these themes seem important to the marketing department. I worry this film will be massively undersold! Hurt Locker style.

    Even the bit where Jessica Chastain says she is “100% certain”… in the film she says “I know Certainty freaks you guys out – but I am 100% certain… ok… 95%.” And she did with charm, conviction and the scene played way better than generic soundbites we’re getting here.

    I dont mind it when Pacific Rim makes a dumb trailer but I do when Zero Dark Thirty does. Its a film that deserves to be scene and if the studio wants to recoup then they’d better get their act together.

  2. I saw The Hobbit on Tuesday and Les Mis last night. Disappointed by both films (although AMPAS may as well give Anne the Oscar right now….spontaneous applause to her I Dreamed A Dream scene). However, THIS is the film I have the highest hopes for, the one I’m most looking forward to – yes, there’s a whole lot of controversy about the subject matter and whether or not the filmmakers got sensitive documents. I don’t care….CAN’T. WAIT. TO. SEE. THIS!

  3. This trailer just assassinated my excitement to see this movie. The Metallica kids choir was so contrived. And the stealth blackhawk graphics look awful. Oh well.

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