NY Film Critics Circle: 'Zero Dark Thirty' Named Best Film; 'Lincoln' Wins Multiple Honors

The New York Film Critics Circle has named Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty its film of the year in voting going on right now in New York. The group also named Zero‘s Kathryn Bigelow its best director for the hunt-for-bin Laden war drama. In 2009, the NYFCC went with Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker as Best Film and Bigelow as Best Director — the same eventual results as the Oscars. The film’s director of photography Greig Fraser also won in today’s voting by New York-area film critics. Awards will be handed out  January 7.

It’s the latest twist for Zero Dark Thirty, which has come under criticism from various groups that Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal were given access to classified documents by the Obama administration while making the film, which chronicles the manhunt that led to the eventual killing of Osama bin Laden in a Navy SEAL raid. Bigelow and Boal went on Nightline last week to deny they received classified info. “I certainly did a lot of homework, but I never asked for classified materials; to my knowledge, I never received any”, Boal told Martha Raddatz.

The Sony pic, starring Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt and Joel Edgerton, will be released in U.S. theaters December 19.

Other winners today included Lincoln, which saw a Best Actor win for Daniel Day-Lewis, Supporting Actress for Sally Field, and Best Screenplay for Tony Kushner. Rachel Weiss won the Best Actress nod for The Deep Blue Sea. Michael Haneke’s Amour continued its fall hot streak with a Best Foreign Language Film win, and Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie was named Best Animated Film.

The NYFCC The critics group, which is announcing winners today via its Twitter feed, last year moved out ahead of the awards pack by doling out honors November 28, a controversial move because in the rush to come before rivals the National Board of Review and the LA Film Critics it wasn’t able to see Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, which ended up with a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Now they’ve moved back a week to today, with the National Board winners due Wednesday and the LA critics voting Sunday. Here’s the NYFCC winners as they’re announced:

Best Film
Zero Dark Thirty

Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty)

Best Screenplay
Tony Kushner (Lincoln)

Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Best Actress
Rachel Weisz (The Deep Blue Sea)

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Animated Film

Best Supporting Actor
Matthew McConaughey (Bernie, Magic Mike)

Best Supporting Actress
Sally Field (Lincoln)

Best Cinematographer
Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty)

Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary)
The Central Park Five

Best First Film
David France (How To Survive A Plague)

    1. I read ‘No Easy Day’. I’ll wait for a while and look for reviews from normal people before I choose to see Zero Dark Thirty.

      1. Totally agree. If NY Times is all over this, the film likely brown noses Obama. Have to wait and see if it’s actually a good film.

        1. I have heard through multiple sources it onits Obama’s involvement in the process and focuses on the woman who pushed through during the Bush administration to keep pursuing Bin Laden.

          1. By the way David..not entirely so. The film opens with the interrogation of KSM who first revealed the existence of the courier that led us to OBL..while a TV in the background has Obama denouncing “torture”. Let’s not mince words David…this film is right on par with any propaganda film that came out of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia. And if we as a society put an “OK” stamp on it..we’re done for.

      2. …I just know the Acadamy Awards are going to pick this movie as best picture, director and everything else…Hollywood , so in the bag for Obama, I will be sure not to watch…

      1. I have absolutely no intention of seeing a propaganda film for the Obama administration. I hope it does dismally at the box office.

  1. McConaughey for Magic Mike????? Is this the female critics finally getting revenge for Cameron Diaz winning in 98 for There’s Something About Mary?

    1. Sorry but Cameron Diaz win was very inspired choice which I like more than the obvious and boring ones! She was very funny and charming in that movie. I hate when only big loud dramatic performances win awards, it was nice change.

    2. Seriously, McConaughey over Chris Walken in A LATE QUARTET??? It was a NY film… how can the NY Film Circle critics not embrace Walken’s Oscar calibar heartbreaking performance?????

      1. Seriously, McConaughey over ANYONE?

        Are they really claiming that NO OTHER ACTOR turned in even a halfway-decent supporting performance to beat McConaughey doing exactly what he does in every movie – take his shirt off? (Or, is it because, this time, he took more than his shirt off?)

    3. McConaughey for Magic Mike: he is the obvious best choice. I am impressed by the excellent taste of the New York film critics.

  2. MM deserves it dude. Leave the guy alone. He’s paid his dues from starring in those God awful Rom coms.

    1. And what is “Magic Mike” but yet another awful romcom, this time set against Chippendales dancers.

      1. Excellent script, excellent director, excellent acting. I guess you should see a movie before you stereotype it.

  3. Great to see McConaughey love. He completely embodied the character, which is what acting is all about. It’s not all nervous tics and showy speeches.

    1. Didn’t see ‘Magic Mike’, but McConaughey was terrific in ‘Killer Joe’ (as was Church and Gershon) – so razor-sharp and funny, he made some bold and weirdly brilliant choices in that film.

  4. I’m sorry..didn’t THE DEEP BLUE SEA come out in 2011? McConaughey over , say Alan Arkin in ARGO? Don’t get it but then these are meaningless

    1. What exactly was impressive about Alan Arkin’s performance? Did he not just do a similar job a few years back in Little Miss Sunshine? McConaughey was terrific in every film he was a part of this year. In Magic Mike he was a tornado and stole the film. In Killer Joe he was magnetic and powerful. Lay off McConaughey. He is worthy

  5. How the hell did Sally Fields ( Lincoln) win over Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables ? Hathaway’s Fantine is easily the best supporting performance of the year. I guess the The New York Film Critics Circle’s voters know Anne is the popular vote. She will be winning many critics awards and will win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

    I agree that Beasts of the Southern Wild deserved the Best First Film Award, and I am happy Rachel Weisz’s underrated performance is getting some love.

    1. anne hathaway is a waste of space. she was the worst part in the dark knight rises–which is saying a lot, since the film was also pretty terrible.

    1. Christophe, Sally Field’s performance never felt real nor compelling, and she didn’t nail her role ( that may be Spielberg’s fault). It felt like her acting was in a completely different movie. Sally just seemed awkward and uncomfortable throughout the movie.

  6. I like this list. DDL, Field, Kushner, MCConaughey and Weisz – I love all these choices.
    Will Lincoln get Best Picture?

  7. Glad McConaghey won. He was by far the best supporting performance I’ve seen with magic mike. Bold and brave and funny yet real. So glad he was recognized with all the hoopla about Arkin and goodman and a lot of other great actors who basically just did what they always do but didn’t do anything revolutionary like Matthew did.

    1. You obviously haven’t seen A LATE QUARTET, as Christopher Walken was amazing and reserved and such a great performance compared with his usual over-the-top. Walken totally deserves the Oscar!!!

  8. I’d have pegged Matthew for KILLER JOE, but then you get into the argument of whether it’s lead or supporting. (I think the latter, but what do I know?)

    And Yay! for FRANKENWEENIE!

  9. Zero Dark Thir….. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Huh, oh sorry, dozed off thinking about the first 2 hours of Zero Dark Thirty. Best Film? Gah!!!

    1. Agreed. Hurt Locker was incredible boring.

      Movies started as fun events, King Kong, Dr. Jekyl, Frankenstein. Then Citizen Kane and Greed can along and it became sitting in a theater with a bunch of pretentious snore fests.

      I would rather see Prometheus, Ted, or the Watch. And yes I understand organic writing, Schnectedy NY sucked.

      1. You cite ‘Prometheus’ as a “fun event”? Really? That’s not to (completely) disparage the film, but Scott and co. were clearly aiming for something far different than a pure crowd-pleaser.

  10. A movie that concentrates on water boarding as a means of advanced interrogation techniques in order to acquire information needed from terrorists that would indiscriminately kill anyone in the name of Allah. How can the left even sympathize with these people? They were up in arms about this under Bush but seem to have no problem having drones kill anyone without prosecution, interrogation or trial.

    1. Even though we all know waterboarding KSM led to learning who bin Laden’s courier was, all the leftists like to gloss over that fact and pretend it doesn’t exist.

      1. JUSTAGUY….the film depicts the interrogation of KSM who revealed the existence of the courier..while a TV in the background has Obama denouncing “torture”. Bigelow just couldn’t help herself…she had to have Obama preaching to us somewhere in this nauseating film. The left will eat this up and ask for seconds. I’m hoping the film stiffs at the box office.

  11. I concur about Christopher Walker – how the heck did the NYer’s overlook this NY performance for a trashy pic set in Tampa of all places? Hopefully the LA Critics will give this brilliant performance and Walken his due.

  12. Jessica is having an amazing year since she’s been nominated for the oscar. How is she handling for performance on Broadway in The Heiress and all of this movie/oscar buzz?!

  13. All these Awards are just one big YAWN. They hardly ever celebrate the films and performances that endure time and end up being beloved in the future. Awards season is basically a big push towards the most meaningless award…THE OSCAR.

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