Greg Berlanti On 'Political Animals' Posthumous Award Nominations

Save for USA Network‘s decision last month not to extend Political Animals beyond its original run, it has been a great last few weeks for Greg Berlanti‘s political drama. He landed a WGA nomination for writing the pilot, star Sigourney Weaver got a SAG nomination, and today the show received two Golden Globe nominations — for best movie/miniseries and best actress in a movie/mini (Weaver).

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Six weeks after USA’s decision not to continue with the show, Berlanti — busy with breakout CW hit Arrow, midseason CBS drama Golden Boy and several projects in development — is not bitter and sounds philosophical about it. “That chapter is closed but it was a great chapter; we all loved doing it,” he said. When he finished the spec pilot script exactly a year ago, Berlanti envisioned Political Animals as a limited series. When the project landed at USA in a competitive situation and the A-list cast — led by Weaver, Carla Gugino, James Wolk and Ellen Burstyn — started coming together, the intention shifted to making it a regular series. Political Animals garnered critical praise for its summer launch, which drew 3.8 million total viewers. The series, from Berlanti and Laurence Mark, averaged 3.2 million total viewers in Live+7 over its run. That was not bad given that Political Animals aired with little support on Sunday, a night USA had not programmed for a while, but ultimately the numbers weren’t strong enough to justify the show’s high cost.

“This is also a business, and there wasn’t quite that level of support from viewers though we’re incredibly grateful for the people who watched the show,” Berlanti said. He also thanked USA brass for their support and called Political Animals‘ Golden Globe nominations “the perfect punctuation mark to a perfect experience.”

  1. This was a highly intelligent show. USA’s audience much prefers the slick, 20’s something shows. This didn’t fit for them. I’m glad it got aired but dissappointed it ended so soon. This would have stood a better chance on Pay Cable or FX.

    ….But that’s stating the obvious.

  2. that show sucked. probably the 5th best political show of the last two years, and that’s being generous…

    1. It was the first political show that i have enjoyed since the West Wing. Really should have considered a prime time spot. I havent been so upset about removing a shoe from my recording guide since its inception

  3. Say what you want, the show was nominated. The writing had something to do with that. I loved POLITICAL ANIMALS!

  4. Every single show with James Wolk gets cancelled or not picked up. It seems like the guy is jinxed, that or his camp is awful at picking projects. I think the former, because it was a decent show.

  5. I loved political animals, the cast was amazing, Ellen Burstyn was amazing as always, Sigourny shined, and not renewing such a well written, splendidly cast, intelligent show is par for the course these days! The camera didn’t shake, you had to think, and the show brought out genuine emotions which is taboo these days. I find it sad these days that quality is so easily overlooked for trash which is at the height of its popularity!!

  6. The writing was mediocre at best. On the nose, silly, witless, paper thin. Watch Mad Men or Showtime or The Sopranos or The Wire or The West WIng to see what quality drama looks like. This ain’t that.

  7. When I read the pilot script I was shocked at what crass and lazy writing it was. Ripped from the headlines without any interpretation of what happened. Poor Hillary and Bill, the Republicans were more insightful. The fact it got a WGA nomination is even more disturbing. But anything was better than Hemingway and Gelhorn. That was garbage too and also got a WGA nomination.

  8. This was a great show, too bad USA cancelled it. It seems the shows that end with everyone hanging never comes back.

    I found it very entertaining and would have loved to watch the plot grow.

  9. I loved this show and I hope
    They win golden globes that way at least the last 6 episodes can be shown! I want a conclusion feom them not a drop off… Anyone who has a different opinion never really watched all the shows and judged it off of 20mins. This is a show of reality at it’s best without the bulls*it… For USA, they’re nominated, so finish the series out for goodness sakes!

  10. I loved this show and thought it was well written, as did my friends I think it was a too smart of a show for todays society, a society that whatches jersey shore, bachelor etc…

  11. Downloaded entire series….
    and watched non-stop!
    Adored every twist & turn—
    Intelligent, elegant, dark, entertaining.
    Can stop thinking about this First Family….
    crave much more.

  12. This show was so enjoyable!!!!! I wish it had not been cancelled as I felt the cast was tremendous. I love Sigourney Weaver she is incredible. Some network needs to pick this up!!!!

  13. Waited a year for this to come back on! Bummed beyond belief! It was awesome! Big mistake! “Big- huge”

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