UPDATE: 'Guilt Trip' Promo Not So Golden For Barbra Streisand

UPDATE, 10:34 AM: Paramount moved swiftly to remove the clip from its YouTube page and has sent along this statement: “Given Barbra’s incredible performance in the film, there was certainly every hope in our mind that she would be duly recognized this morning. Like all studios, we create many advertising spots in advance of they key award nomination announcements so we are prepared in the event of a nomination. One such spot was inadvertently posted online and immediately taken down.” The spot in question was a 20-second ad for the road-trip comedy due out December 19, with a voice-over touting Streisand just having been nominated for a Golden Globe, with words appearing on the screen to that effect.

PREVIOUS, 8:02 AM: Somebody in the Paramount awards department was a bit too eager to tout Barbra Streisand‘s Golden Globe nomination for Guilt Trip, posting this promo to the studio’s YouTube page last night. Of course, it would have been forgiven probably — if Streisand had actually been nominated this morning. It goes to show just how sure Paramount and many others were that she would land a nom. After all, she’s a darling of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, having been nominated for countless Globes for acting, directing and songs. She even won the group’s lifetime achievement honor, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, in 2000.

  1. Anyone who has actually seen the movie would know better. The Guilt Trip is terribly unfunny and predictable.

    1. “The guilt trip” will only go into national release on 19th this month, yet you’ve already seen the movie and make such a scathing review. You probably must be another Barbara, Walters, that is or, more likely, one of those right wing supporters who are still reeling in the presidential defeat.

      1. Little FYI for you: Ever hear of this little thing called “test screenings”? Now, maybe he saw one or maybe not. Or maybe he’s just cracking a joke because he’s not a big Streisand fan. Still, HOW you jumped to foaming at the mouth about Republicans and the election certainly reveals more about YOUR petty and biased and politically motivated way of thinking than his post ever did.

        As for the story, seems like a simple accident since the studios always prep press material in advance. If anything it just goes to show that someone thought this movie was going to scream “Hand out an award!” as either Rogen or Streisand waved their hands in the air and dramatically declared “See? I am an ACTORRRR!”

        But I’m not surprised she didn’t get a nod. I’ve read stories about just how much control Streisand insisted on having over this thing, which means a lot of the blame for this thing succeeding or tanking will rest on her shoulders. I’m not gonna predict good things. At its core, the movie’s concept is really pretty cliched and meanwhile Rogen has been very up/down of late AND it’s a foregone conclusion Streisand will be chewing the scenery — pretty much explains why, from the badly cut trailers and commercials, this thing looks SO hammy and groan-inducing.

  2. After seeing the movie – she’s definitely wonderful in it. This is just a strong, strong year for women. It’s definitely not a Sandra Bullock “The Blind Side” year or Barbra would have been nominated!

  3. Thinking that a movie like Road Trip would be given more than a cursory glance by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is quite deluded…

  4. Saw The Guilt Trip and Barbra was terrific in it. Her performance was tremendously funny and warm. HFPA just made a mistake, Happens every year.

  5. I saw at advert for this movie in the AARP magazine. There wasn’t one line or wrinkle on her face. She didn’t look like Rogan’s mother; she looked like his girlfriend. Yes, it’s been photoshopped… but what demographic were they going for? How many potential movie viewers were turned off, by seeing every sign of age removed in the advertising, from the face of the 70 year old leading actress?

    1. Don’t the HFPA was turned off by this. Saw a clip of an interview with Barbra and Dr. Phil on my 55 inch HDTV. That woman has the secret of youth. Her skin is flawless. Even just read a review that said she looks 20-30 years younger than her real age, The bottom line is Hollywood has been “touching-up” aging films stars for years in ads. No one will not see the movie because of this.

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