Seth MacFarlane A Guest Of 'The Simpsons'

Seth MacFarlane can add another credit to his resume. He’s set to guest star in the season premiere of The Simpsons that will air on Fox in fall 2013. MacFarlane will voice the character of a married man who pursues Marge Simpson after the two meet online. MacFarlane’s animated Fox series Family Guy featured Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, in a recent episode. MacFarlane will host the Oscars on February 24th.

  1. In an alternate universe Seth was on time at the Boston airport on September 11th, 2001 and he got on the plane that flew into the North Tower but in the alternate universe Seth was an action hero and he killed the hijackers with his bare hands and he became so famous that he was compelled by popular public demand to run for Congress from Rhode Island and Family Guy never existed. Instead Congressman McFarlane got caught up in a sex scandal and resigned in disgrace.

    I now wish we were in this alternate universe. Too much Seth is a bad thing. He is getting way too famous for a guy who lucked out on 9/11 because he overslept and missed his scheduled flight to Los Angeles. Think how lucky he was. His entire career is based on dumb luck! Sure he’s talented some people think he’s brilliant but I think he’s just really damn lucky.

      1. the alt uni comment was most likely posted either by Seth himself (falsely modest aggrandizer) or someone he dated (pretty, brunette & between ages 19-25) #thinkonit

    1. The Seth MacFarlane 9/11 story is almost certainly crap. I personally know like seven people who were scheduled to be on one of those flights but for X reason didn’t get on. You count “friends of friends” and I’ve heard of like 34 people who were “definitely supposed” to be on those flights. Virtually everyone who flew at all that day — which would include tens of thousands of people who flew from those airports within minutes of those four flights — claim to have some reason that they were “supposed” to be on that flight.

      It makes people feel special and it gives other people reason to talk about them. You take people like MacFarlane, who love being talked about, you get lots of stories like this. When one of them people produces a boarding pass, you can believe them.

      1. Definitely not crap, he talked about it on Jon Favreau’s Dinner For Five. Peter Berg asked him if he normally missed flights, and he said he missed them as often as he made them. Still scary, but for him it was a coin flip.

  2. Since it’s gonna sound like Peter Griffin… Let’s hope the married man IS Peter Griffin.
    Actually a crossover episode would be really cool… hear that Fox execs?

  3. Considering how every single episode of Family Guy rips off Simpsons in one way or another, I suppose this was only a matter of time, though all that being said I’m a bit surprised the Simpsons folks let it happen.

  4. I disagree,I actually enjoy Seth’s shows and seeing him in occasional television appearences. To turn a phrase ‘Don’t hate the player’. I look forward to the simpson episode…cos lets face it we all don’t watch the simpsons as much anymore.

  5. Crummy thing to do it seems to me – ridicule a guy’s success because he was fortunate enough to not be killed on 9/11. Takes show business schadenfreude to a whole new level. Me I’m waiting for his Broadway musical. If he can put laughs like those of “Ted” in book for theater – what Broadway musicals need right now – book writers – that would be an old school Neil Simon comedy hit! All the best potential theater book writers who would be in their prime today either died from AIDS or went into television the latter part why the quality of television has gotten so good, what could or would potentially have been great Broadway playwrights too. A nice great Broadway comedy would be excellent also. In a way the toughest thing to pull off in a Broadway house. Rarely happens anymore.

    1. Nobody is ridiculing him we are having fun with it the same way he does. Did you not see the Family Guy episode where Brian was on the 9/11 hijacked plane and saved the day? Hilarious and alternate universe as well. He is the most famous person who was supposed to fly on one of those planes but ended up missing the death flight. That makes him truly unique. He was clearly destined for phenomenal success and it was meant to be for him to sleep late and miss that plane. He was incredibly lucky and he realizes this. He needs to be more generous with his money he’s super wealthy now and he should give much more to charity than he does.

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