Academy Pitches Oscarcast Roles For Film Students With Contest

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has been trying to draw younger eyeballs to its Oscar telecast for years. Here’s the latest way to entice them to tune in: make them part of the show. The Academy and mtvU announced today they are partnering for “The Oscar Experience College Search”, whereby college students interested in pursuing careers in film will compete for an opportunity to appear live onstage to deliver Oscar statuettes to telecast presenters during the 85th Academy Awards ceremony February 24 on ABC. Oscar host Seth MacFarlane announced the program as a guest professor on college network mtvU’s series Stand In, taking over a film class at UCLA for an episode that will premiere December 10. The contest runs through January 19 and students can apply through the Academy’s Facebook page.

  1. “…to deliver Oscar statuettes to telecast presenters…” Gee, I wonder if the young audience the Academy seeks will “GOFOR” this promotion.

  2. The best way to improve ratings is to nominate movies that people actually care about. As for the ceremony it should be steeped in prestige and tradition, not burdened by ridiculous and short-lived experiences like the one described in the article.

    1. Agreed on all points here, esp in regards to the ceremony itself. While I don’t think that the Academy should resort to nominating ‘movies [a lot of] people care about’ unless deserved, that is indeed the only way to increase the ratings of the telecast.

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