'The Impossible' Exclusive Featurette: Video

EXCLUSIVE:  One of the sleeper entries in this year’s Oscar race is the emotionally wrenching true story, The Impossible which chronicles a family split apart in the terrifying Tsunami in Thailand in 2004 and their efforts to survive and find each other, despite horrific injury and unspeakable devastation at the resort area where they were vacationing. Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland star in the film directed by Spain’s Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage). Distributor Summit will release the film domestically (already a smash hit in Spain since opening there in mid-October) on December 21, but already has sent out 38,000 DVD screeners to all guilds and the Academy in order to gain a foothold in the race against higher profile, better known competitors. Here is a look at the making of the film in a featurette that also includes an interview with the real-life wife and mother who fights against major odds just to see her kids and husband one more time.

  1. Thank you for the video and comments. However When you said “…against higher profile, better known competitors…”, as far as the category of “Best ACtress” is concerned, I’m not sure how the hotly-buzzed Lawrence, Chastain, Cottilard, or even Wallis and Riva…et al can be of higher profile and better known than Naomi Watts who evidently is the best but most underrated and overlooked amongst the lot.

  2. Enough with the promotion of this movie people! A movie about a spanish family who now is English and where Naomi Watts sits in a bed for 2 hours? Sorry no thanks

  3. Saw it last night photography is incredible

    Naomi Watts should be among the Oscar nominees as should holland who is sensitive and credible well done and spellbinding performances by many

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