Seth MacFarlane's Big Oscar News: Video

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  1. I hope he brings “Dad” out onstage at the Oscars. Would love, love, love to see a continuation of this bathing suit bit.

    Hey Seth, here’s one they haven’t used in a while, “Uuuma… Oooprah! Oooprah…Uuuma!”

    Seems like they’ve found a decades younger version of Crystal to host.

  2. Jesus, his dad was a more interesting to watch than he was. What is with how he delivers lines? Those hand gestures? Is he running for office? Watching him is like listening to canned laughter.

    1. Yeah, it’s the hand gestures and the voice. The voice grates. Yet, he can be funny. I am warming up to the idea of him hosting after initialing being disgusted.

  3. Wow … I guess we can expect some more of this “A” material on the Oscar show too … can’t wait ….

  4. That dad bit was lame, but the guy’s a great pick. He’s current and hip enough comedically, and he also knows how to sing, emcee, and put on live shows. and more importantly, he seems genuinely motivated and energized to take his career to the next level. much better choice than dusting off Billy Crystal.

  5. Wow, guess you guys didn’t catch Seth on SNL. Watch the Ryan Lochte bit on the Weekend Update skit, it’s hysterical. Or watch him hosting the Roast of Donald Trump, priceless. Or watch an episode, or two, of Family Guy, it’s only been on for 13 years! Or catch American Dad or the Cleveland Show. Or rent Ted, the movie. MacFarlane is a comic genius.

  6. Between the expected “Love it”, “Meh” and “Hate it” responses, I’m really loving this choice. Why? Well maybe we can get back to the Johny Carson days of making fun of all in attendance and putting their “achievements” in perspective. While I love great cinema and think it should be recognized, no one in Hollywood is curing cancer. It’s entertainment and pretty much the only night the big wigs give a crap about quality. Just like athletes folks being nominated are getting paid a crap load to make pretend time. So who better than Macfarlane to give us a show that’s not too full of itself.

    1. Actually, no one anywhere has cured cancer, so Hollywood has as good a shot as the next guy. But the next guy probably doesn’t have an annual awards show.

  7. if this is any indiction how funny the Oscars might be we are again in trouble. My thought is this. The guys at Broadway video and Saturday Night Live should take over and host the Oscars, write every skit and introduction and the Oscars will be truly hilarious and innovative. James Franco and Hathaway, dud. Steve Martin was great but one note, Ellen too self conscious, Chevy Chase had no material to deliver, Jon Stewart – amazing, but not so on the Oscars – second time was better. Early Billy Crystal was the most entertaining and still a classic, probably the best overall with Jon Stewart a close second. I hope Seth can pull this one off otherwise it will be a classic DVR zip through to see who won.

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