The Robert Zemeckis-directed Flight with Denzel Washington made its premiere as the closing night film of the New York Film Festival last Sunday. Washington plays a commercial airline pilot with a drinking and substance abuse problem that comes to light after executing a landing that would have left Sully shaking his head. I was at the premiere, and it is a crazily upsetting sequence. Here is a clip showing the pilot’s attempt to pull the airliner out of a precipitous dive that is usually fatal. Between the plane crash Zemeckis films in his last live action film Cast Away and now this new entry, the director is doing for commercial airline travel what Marathon Man did for dentistry.

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4 years
That plane is the size of the Chrysler Building!
4 years
This maneuver is possible. Basically to break the dive, you have to get the wings to a...
Dang right
4 years
You are snag right. Denzel is the King. Not a, The.