UPDATE: Primetime Emmy Awards Down In Demo, Up In Total Viewers From 2011

Emmy 2012 RatingsUPDATE: According to time-adjusted fast nationals, ABC’s telecast of the Primetime Emmy Awards last night drew 13.2 million viewers and a 3.8 rating among adults 18-49. In the demo, it was down 10% from last year’s ceremony that aired on Fox; in total viewers it was up by 6%.

PREVIOUS, 8:30 AM: According to unofficial metered-market overnight ratings, last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards on ABC are tracking close to last year’s telecast on Fox. There are two last night averages floating around this morning: a 9.6/15 and a 9.3/15. The range is on par with last year’s metered-market household average of a 9.4/15. ABC will release time-adjusted fast nationals for the Jimmy Kimmel-hosted ceremony shortly. Meanwhile, NBC’s Sunday Night Football topped the night with a 14.3/26 in the metered markets for the New England Patriots-Baltimore Ravens game.

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    1. Jimmy…come on…no self posts!

      The show was beyond boring and not in the least bit funny! It was the most self-referential snooze fest Hollywood has ever had the nerve to broadcast! No wonder no one watches TV or goes to the movies any more.

  1. These stats are misleading. Sunday Night Football on NBC won the night in ratings. More people were watching the game than watching the Emmy’s.

    The show was flat, flat, flat.

  2. And still got it’s butt handed to it by a not too terribly interesting football game. Get the memo: no one cares about Modern Family anymore.

  3. Demos are why network is bad. Interesting thing is that cable has all the great shows but don’t obsess with demos. This system is broken.

  4. I thought the show was really good. I like Jimmy Kimmel’s brand of comedy, even if it seems a little stilted, he’s very aware of what he’s delivering and it’s pitch perfect for a show that is going to be snarked within seconds online at every line delivery. He has to beat you to the punch, without being too earnest.
    I could have done without all the false humility though. You showed up to win, now take the damn award and stop acting sorry about it.

  5. The jump in total viewers is a great counter balance to the miniscule fall in demo; 4.1 versus 3.8. I’m sure ABC is quite happy with the numbers even if others can’t deal with the reality of the numbers. It’s so funny to see the same idiots, who claim no one is watching tv or movies, show up on entertainment websites 24/7 to remind us they’re not interested in tv or film. Hypocritical morons/Republican voters- is anyone surprised? These nontvwatchers are the same imbeciles that subscribe to pay tv, order up their Netflix, Redbox, etc., and have oodles of dvds of tv and film. And they always know when awards programs air because the very next day without delay, they show up to criticise a program they claim they didn’t watch- (wink-wink). You know how you prove you don’t care for tv or film? You don’t show up on entertainment websites to leave comments, and you don’t subscribe to pay tv programming. You simply make do with the 10 channels you get with having an antenae on top of the house.

  6. Mark my words: Last night (September 23rd) will end up being the last time the Primetime Emmy’s will be held on a Sunday night during football season.

    Look for either a midweek show (Tuesday or Wednesday) starting next year if the Primetime Emmy’s remain in September or for the date of the ceremony to be moved up so it’s on a mid-Summer Sunday night before the NFL season begins.

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