The world premiere of A Late Quartet is tonight in Toronto. EOne and RKO Pictures are releasing Yaron Zilberman’s narrative feature debut November 2 after acquiring the pic at Cannes. Philip Seymour Hoffman is being touted for his work as a member of a famed quartet whose future hangs in the balance after another member of the group (Christopher Walken) is forced to retire. Catherine Keener, Mark Ivanir and Imogen Poots co-star in the drama structured around Beethoven’s Opus 131 String Quartet in C-sharp minor.

Watch YouTube video here

Jack Bauer
4 years
I agree with Katherine. The trailer is mundane, nothing remotely intriguing, sparking zero interest.
4 years
what one earth is this movie about?
4 years
Well, I like all these actors very much but this trailer is not showing me anything amazing...