The GOP had to cancel the first day of its Republican National Convention last month due to the threat of Hurricane Isaac. With it went plans to show a Republican Party-produced video of Donald Trump sitting behind his desk The Apprentice-style and giving the business to a man playing President Obama sitting across from him. The spoof, which included clips of Obama saying things like “the private sector is fine” much to Trump’s chagrin, ends with Trump finally telling the president, “You’re fired”! The GOP eventually asked Clint Eastwood and his empty chair to help out on the final night of the convention, and the rest is history. NBC’s Today has the Trump video:

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Justin Poppiti, Esq.
4 years
It was okay.
4 years
If only this had been shown at the RNC convention Romney would be leading by double digits...
average joe
4 years
This sad, pathetic man still hasn't recovered from the White House Correspondents' Dinner.