EXCLUSIVE: William Petersen’s return to television is being put on hold. I’ve learned that the CSI alum is leaving the Cinemax/GK-tv drama pilot Hurt People, which he was to executive produce and star in.

Petersen has been a major driver behind the project penned by former production executive Peter Macmanus in his writing debut. Petersen and his producing partner Cynthia Chvatal responded to Macmanus’ script and teamed with Graham King’s GK-tv to develop it. With Petersen on board as star and executive producer, Hurt People, about a veteran hitman (Petersen) employed by the crime family that killed his wife, was taken out to cable networks in March, eventually landing at Cinemax in April with a pilot order.

I hear that in the past couple of months, Petersen’s and the writer-producers’ vision for where the project should go began to diverge, leading to his decision to leave the project he helped develop and sell. I hear Petersen’s departure is not official yet, so it is unclear what impact it would have on Hurt People.

3 years
Did Petersen actually leave this series? I'm on the fence about his acting ability--CSI had a great...
3 years
William Petersen is a wonderfull actor.
3 years
Billy is one of the most generous, talented actors I have ever had the pleasure of working...