This is incredibly sad to me. Breena Camden, the former marketing and publicity executive for 20th Century Fox, has passed away at age 49. She succumbed to breast cancer and died in Rocklin, California.

She is survived by her two sons, 12-year old Rayne and nine-year old Trinity, along with her parents Tom and Penny Jones, sisters Kimberly Parks and Kari Giampaoli, brother-in-law Marty Giampaoli, and several nieces and nephews.

Camden was a devoted mom who started as a journalist with the Orange County Register and L.A. Times before becoming a publicist at Orion and then MGM. She moved to Fox in 1992 and held a variety of posts at the studio before leaving in 2007.

Joanne Harle
3 years
We will miss her dearly! She was a good friend and a true inspiration.
Iron Will
3 years
How sad... :-( Just curious, was she at all responsible for the marvel-based promotional campaigns at Fox,...
3 years
Breena loved this business and was always a class act. RIP.