UPDATE: NBCUniversal insiders tell me “no promotion is imminent” for Jim Bell.

Reuters is reporting today that Jim Bell, The Today Show executive producer who spearheaded NBC’s London Olympics coverage and shouldered most of the criticism directed at the network, is poised for a promotion within the next six months to a larger role within NBC’s news or sports division. “Comcast is happy with current NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus, who took that post in 2011, so the company may create a new position for Bell, one that would possibly have him oversee the Olympics full-time,” Reuters writes. NBC has a contract to broadcast the next four games through 2020. London marked the first time Bell was in charge of coverage of the Olympics. Reuters says Bell’s immediate task is to stabilize the Today Show which after 16 years lost its #1 position to ABC’s Good Morning America this year.

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