NBC Olympics RatingsWith 35.8 million viewers on average, the first three days of the 2012 London Olympics are the most-watched Summer Games opening weekend to date. Despite criticism over its delayed showing of the Opening Ceremony and several events, NBC has had 5 million more viewers on average than it did during the 2008 Beijing Games and 1.4 million more than watched the 1996 Atlanta Games, the previous title-holder. The Friday, Saturday and Sunday combined average rating of 19.2/33 is up 12% from 2008 and 36% higher than the 2004 Athens Games. This comes after the the first night of competition was the most-watched ever and Friday’s tape-delayed Opening Ceremony was the most watched Summer Games opener ever.

First Weekend Average Viewers For Olympic Summer Games

1. London 2012 – 36.8 Million

4 years
Very disappointed in NBC coverage. Watched men's gymnastics with much obvious controversy yet no scores were displayed....
4 years
Just go to NBCOlympics.com and click on TV schedule on the above toolbar there and the specific...
4 years
Nearly all boxing is on cnbc for 3 hours after the bell closes and then again late...

2. Atlanta 1996 – 34.4 Million

3. Beijing 2008 – 30.6 Million

4. Barcelona 1992 – 27.0 Million

5. Seoul 1988 – 24.4 Million

6. Athens 2004 – 24.0 Million

7. Sydney 2000 – 23.9 Million

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