EMMY SNUBS: 'The Good Wife', 'The Walking Dead', 'Sons Of Anarchy', John Slattery…

Emmys voters are fickle fans and a bewildering bunch. They like a show one year, they don’t the next, or maybe they just don’t like the people who made it. And sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to who gets a nomination and who doesn’t. Here’s a look at the shows and the actors who didn’t make the cut this year but should have.

3RD UPDATE, 11:30 AM:

Sons Of Anarchy — Looks like a kinder, gentler Kurt Sutter took to Twitter today to comment on his series’ Emmy snub. The notoriously barbed showrunner offered congratulations to Anarchy‘s FX, Homeland‘s Howard Gordon and The Voice‘s Carson Daly and Adam Levine among others. Then he wrote, “and to all of you expecting a *-laced emmy diatribe…that’s so 2011. A calm, mature, rational @sutterink is much more dangerous.”


Michael PittBoardwalk Empire’s Jimmy Darmody might have taken one to the head but that doesn’t mean the actor who played him had to be left for dead by Emmy voters.


Kyra Sedgwick — It’s The Closer’s final season, so to leave out this 2010 Emmy winner seems just weird.

The Office — Its had a long run, but that’s no reason to completely leave the show out of the Comedy category.

Emmy Rossum — Besides Joan Cusack’s Best Guest Actress nod, Shameless got the shaft this year, and to overlook this Critics’ Choice winner seems another form of shamelessness. I mean her name is Emmy for Pete’s sake.


The Good Wife — The CBS series was overlooked for Best Drama, not a good sign for the broadcast networks, which lost their only representative in the category.

Glee One nomination in the Guest Acting category? That’s it?

Louie – Maybe Emmy voters have a thing with FX, what with Sons Of Anarchy totally snubbed and Justified shortshrifted this year, but how can you nominate the man who is the star and the mastermind behind a show and not his show?

Jeff Probst — The Survivor host has won the Reality Host category every year since it was created, and this year he didn’t even make the cut? Taking his spot — the ubiquitous Betty White.

Dexter No best series for one of Showtime’s best series.

The Walking Dead — Zombies are popular with viewers but obviously not Emmy voters.

Hugh Laurie — No love for his last turn as Dr. House.

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Dustin Hoffman –- Out of Luck.

Community — At this point, three seasons and still no best series/acting Emmy nominations is puzzling, but the underrated comedy still landed its first major nomination for best comedy writing.

Kelsey Grammer — No Emmy nomination for the Boss despite a Golden Globe win.

Nick Offerman — The Parks And Recreation actor was supposed to announce the Emmy nominations this year, but once again no nod for him.

The Killing — Zero nominations. That’s not a snub, that’s a slaughter.

John Slattery — Four years in a row he’s been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama. Did this year’s LSD trip on Mad Men really freak out Emmy voters that much?

Jessica Pare — Mad Men’s breakout star this year and her season opener “Zou Bisou Bisou” performance amazingly overlooked. Was it the wrong category or does Betty Draper rule a block of Emmy voters?

Mandy Patinkin — Homeland co-stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis got nods but nothing for the series’ strong supporting actor?

American Idol – Sure, the juggernaut stumbled this year, but no Emmy nod in the Reality Competition category seems crazy.

Magic City — Starz’s Miami period piece had no heat with Emmy voters.

Laura Linney – No Best Actress for The Big C star?

  1. OK except for HOUSE and Hugh Laurie and all the cast, the rest are crap shows and deserve to be ignored, but hOUSE!!!!!

    1. No way Walking Dead or Anarchy was snubbed… c’mon, folks, these shows are just okay.

  2. “The Killing – Zero nominations. That’s not a snub, that’s a slaughter.”

    Cries profusely.

  3. Kristen Bell, House of Lies. What a fucked-up world we live in when Blossom gets an Emmy nomination before Veronica Mars does. #themayanswereright

    1. Have you actually watched the actress who played Blossom in “Big Bang Theory”? Mayim Bialik is the second funniest person in that show. If Galecki got a nomination last year then Bialik certainly deserves one this year.

      1. I agree, Mayim Bialik gives a great performance each and every time she appears, and i am thrilled she is included. Simon Helberg should have been mentioned in the Supp Actor race.

      2. We’re talking *Mayim Bialik* here. Star of one of NBC’s most dubious, embarrassing comedies of the 80’s. Did Bialik have a submission tape at the ready for one out of every four episodes she was in this past season? Because Kristen Bell did have that very percentage. Bell had 4 tapes to choose from, something very few, I suspect of the nominees can boast to have. Bialik got in on a wave of Big Bang Theory goodwill and NOTHING ELSE. If not for Lena Dunham’s 3 nominations and Julia Louis Dreyfus’ rubber-stamp nomination because she’s Julia fucking Louis-Dreyfus, Bialik would be the most undeserving nominee of the day.

        That whole supporting actress category is one big multiple-car pileup, the co-worst category of the Emmys next to comedy actress. You’ve got someone who isn’t on a true comedy series, rather a variety one who should be auto-dq’d (Wiig). You’ve got category fraud as Julie Bowen is the lead actress of MF, only to contribute more gridlock to this category. Merret Wever? Seriously? Vergara’s the only legit true supporting actress in that field. And the only reason Joosten is in here is because she died.

  4. No Kyra Sedgwick? Anyone watching last season must be shocked that she didn’t get nominated.

  5. Community and Parks & Recreation are better than 30 Rock at this point.

    Nick Offerman is an egregious snub, but why can’t The Middle get more love?

    Would’ve liked to have seen Justified get more.

    Completely agree about Kelsey Grammer.

    1. “Community and Parks & Recreation are better than 30 Rock at this point.”

      “Nick Offerman is an egregious snub…”

      These two, excellent points can not be applauded enough!

  6. Everyone loves Betty White, but a nomination for best host? She doesn’t even host. She does little comedy bits in between clips! Jeff got robbed.

    1. Jeff Probst has won every single year — he’s got enough emmys. Time for Tom Bergeron to win it.

  7. Mad Men is the greatest television show ever made. Ever. I have never been so moved by what I’ve seen on TV before. All the whining about who didn’t get nominated, unless related to Mad Men, feel lucky you’re even on the airways with such greatness. Yes, I am real. No, I’m not Matthew Weiner.

    1. Except for the fact that their ratings are dropping like a rock and they almost drove AMC into bankruptcy.

    2. You literally just made me vomit. In no way shape or form does mad men deserve to win yet another emmy for best drama. It’s good we get it, but not THAT good. When does this show end again?

  8. I was really upset by “The Killing” and “Revenge” getting no love at all and by the fact that “Parks and Rec” gets no Best Series nomination when it is one of the best Comedies on Television (far better than Modern Family in my eyes)

  9. Idol, House, Glee and Dexter are all long past their best. The Killing is a complete mess. Their lack of nominations is completely justified.

  10. Why did the Good Wife not get a nod?

    It is one of the best shows on Broadcast non cable TV.

  11. John Slattery/Roger Draper’s acid trip episode deserved an Emmy! And — please for the love of god explain why the PTB did not create a special Emmy just for Christian Borle: Borle carried SMASH as a dramatic actor AND he performed a fab musical scene as ‘Darryl Zanuck!’

    Emmy you’re out to lunch!

  12. Hugh Laurie was a HUGE omission for drama category. I bet he feels like Susan Lucci who played Erica Kane on All My Children. I was hoping for a Josh Charles nomination for The Good Wife.

  13. The women of Game of Thrones being shut out this year is a glaring snub. Anyone who has watched that show knows at least one of those women deserves something! They have all delivered and then some. What the hell is going on over there? Fail.

  14. LUCK – in terms of writing, direction, over-all production, and certainly cast and performance – towered over anything else produced this year. Unfortunately, those with agendas were able to use the absolute tragedies of the horses’ deaths to smudge-out the creative firepower and genius that was this show.

    Go back and look at LUCK, now that the parade of hate has passed by. Genius stuff.

  15. Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) is the biggest Emmy snub for me along with The Killing’s two leads Mireille Einos and Joel Kinnaman. This trio of actors had amazing performances this season.

    Also, the young actress playing Don’s daughter on Mad Men. She deserved a nomination way more than some others.

  16. Calling Dexter “Showtime’s best series” is ridiculous. Homeland urinates all over it from a great height, and Dexter fans didn’t even care for the latest season of Dexter.

    1. Disagree. Thought it was great and expected Colin Hanks to be nominated, and no not a fan of his Dad. The acting is quality every series.

  17. Jessica Pare wasn’t snubbed. She didn’t deserve to be nominated. John Slattery was a big snub though, given how popular he is. And Kelsey Grammar was the biggest snub of all. I though he had a huge shot at winning.

  18. Dexter just glorifies gratuitous violence, and aside from Hall, has a mediocre cast at best.

  19. The 30 Rock Live Show this year was one of the biggest directorial accomplishments, in the last 20 years, not just this year. The fact that this wasn’t noticed is beyond me. It shows a lack of respect for the directing position by what should be a group of peers.

  20. While not at its peak, The Office shouldn’t have been shut out completely. I think people need to have a more open mind toward the post-Michael Scott era. Hopefully, Greg Daniels can make the show better than it’s been in a long time, this upcoming season.

    1. Nope, it was awful and deserved to be shut out. My friends and I have been watching since the first episode aired on NBC and finally had to tune out for good this season because of how far it has fallen.

      Personally I’m more concerned with the fact that they continue to nominate stuff like Modern Family or 2 and a Half Men after subpar years instead of recognizing shows like Parks & Rec or Community that are trying new things and succeeding more often than the two tired, safe shows I mentioned earlier.

  21. Lena Headey for Game of Thrones was totally SNUBBED! Her scenes in the episode, Blackwater, were impeccable and groundbreaking! Shame on you, Emmys, for snubbing her and the rest of the GOT Cast!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Lena Headey is doing amazing work on GoT. In A Man Without Honor, the scene between Dinklage and Headey was masterful acted.

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