NBC News Wins Fourth Straight Edward R. Murrow Award For “Overall Excellence”

There seems to be something for virtually everyone in the 99 Edward R. Murrow awards announced today by the Radio Television Digitial News Association (RTDNA) But NBC News has the bragging rights among the major television newscasters, winning video awards for Overall Excellence, Video Newscast (for a report, “Blown Away: Southern Tornadoes”), and Writing (“American Story With Bob Dotson”). ABC News took honors for Video Breaking News Coverage (“Target bin Laden: The Death of Public Enemy #1”), Video Continuing Coverage (Gabrielle Giffords), and Video Reporting: Hard News (World News With Diane Sawyer, “A Cry For Help: Famine In Somalia”). CBS News scored for Video Feature Reporting (60 Minutes: “The Gardens Of The Queen”) and Video Investigative Reporting (The CBS Evening News: “Gunwalker”). In addition, CNBC won Video News Documentary (“Billions Behind Bars: Inside America’s Prison Industry”) and for its Website. CNN took Video News Series (“Homs: City Under Siege”) and Use Of Video (Joplin Gawker). And ESPN won for Video Sports Reporting (“E:60 Angel in the Outfield”). You can find these entries and other TV, radio, and digital winners here.

  1. Proving that both are basically a joke these days.

    I remember when this award used to mean something.

  2. Ummm, how about you give NBC an award for “Overall Excellence” in how NOT to report stories.

  3. FOX News didn’t win anything? I’m shocked! CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC all won something…..gag me :(

  4. Bragging rights my ass. A bunch of liberals choosing to award the MOST liberal and biased news organization in the country? …how in the world did THAT happen? Its as ridiculous as Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize before even governing. Non of these awards can be taken seriously by anyone with a brain.

    The real award goes to the Fox News Channel. Each day the American people choose to honor that news organization by tuning in by overwhelming numbers …and it isn’t just conservatives tuning in to produce those ratings.

  5. So NBC, the news network that until yesterday never mentioned the Fast and Furious ongoing case, recieves an award for journolism excellence……seems to be somthing missing here. Oh yeah its ETHICS and INTEGRITY.

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