EMMYS: Drama Series Odds – ENTV Video

Deadline’s Pete Hammond and Awardsline’s Christy Grosz discuss Emmy Drama Series odds with ENTV YouTube channel host Brian Corsetti:

  1. Game of Thrones is really putting HBO back on the map. Its ratings increased dramatically this year and became a pop ultural phenomenon. But, because its genre that tends to not get any love by Emmy

  2. I hope the drama nominations go to:
    Breaking Bad
    Boardwalk Empire
    Mad Men
    Games Of Thrones
    The Walking Dead (Downton Abbey will probably be nominated instead, and it is very good, so that will be ok aswell).

    Breaking Bad or Boardwalk Empire should win it.

    1. Good list. I’d rather see The Walking Dead get a nomination over Downton Abbey.

      And of course Mad Men will win, but this season, I think they seriously do deserve it.

  3. One rational voice on the panel and, wouldn’t you know, it’s the older dude.
    The facts are these: The networks are out of it, where outstanding drama is concerned. The Good Wife may get in under the wire, but it’s the only one, and it’s not a real contender to win.
    As for Castle and the comment, “I don’t care what anyone says, it’s a fun show, really well done, well acted, good costume design, great sets, etc., a really fun show,” you’re describing every drama on network TV. You could be talking about CSI or The Mentalist, or Bones. Smash got by on a great pilot, but that’s it. Revenge is eye candy, but it’s about as weighty and meaningful as a Dallas remake.
    Listen up: “Well done, well acted, good costumes, good sets, fun” doesn’t cut it, not where awards are concerned, and not in the golden age of drama. Get real. Cable is working on a whole different level. You liked 24? Yeah, cool, but here’s the thing: Homeland is in a whole different league. And it’s not just Showtime, HBO, AMC — it’s also FX and Starz. (Word to the wise: Do not discount Boss, espy Kelsey Grammar and the acting nods.)
    Fun discussion, though. And yes, at least one other person thinks Mad Men had a career year. That makes three of us.

  4. I work in the industry, and Everyone is raving about Game of Thrones! How could these guys just shrug it off like it’s gonna have a hard time breaking in? Not to mention it TOO just finished it’s season. And as fun as Downton Abbey is, everyone who watches the show knows Series 2 was NOT as good as Series 1. I’m thinking:

    Breaking Bad
    Downton Abbey
    Good Wife
    Mad Men
    Game of Thrones

    Obviously Boardwalk Empire could be interchanged with either Downton or Good Wife.

  5. I’m hoping for a nod for FX’s “Justified”. The acting is stellar, and the writing is beyond inspired.

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