EMMYS: Comedy Series Odds – ENTV Video

Deadline’s Pete Hammond and Awardsline’s Christy Grosz discuss Emmys odds for Comedy Series with ENTV YouTube channel host Brian Corsetti:

  1. If you’re going to mention not highly rated shows with an incredible cast and great writing, you have to mention “Raising Hope”! Seriously!

  2. “Maybe…Ed O’Neil.”

    Here’s hoping.

    Stand up guy with a stand up attitude about being an “ensemble” player.

  3. Sadly I’m sure Happy Endings will be snubbed. A real shame too. I would love to at least see Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr. score nominations.

    1. I love Happy Endings! I’m actually hoping Casey Wilson or Elisha Cuthbert get nominations. You could put Elisha in lead actress and Casey in supporting. Just go with it!

  4. how could there be no mention of curb? Palestinian chicken episode was classic. was an amazing season. it will prob get nominated but not win as usual

  5. Modern family is really the only one thats actually funny. I like Girls , but like Nurse Jackie its not ha ha funny . Parks , 30 Rock are bother lame. Veep is just Julie delivering the same character she has in everything she does , nothing new there for sure

  6. Modern Family is a well produced show, but does it represent the very best, most creative achievement in television comedy? Or is it just doing the same old thing, albeit very well? It’s such a boring, safe choice for the Emmys. The actors and writers are doing fine work, but there’s nothing new there, particularly in the directing category. Raising Hope, Louie, Wilfred, Girls, and Community are far more groundbreaking and innovative shows. The Emmys haven’t gotten this category right since Arrested Development.

  7. Their discussion about drama series was great. This one missed the mark in a big way — no talk of Louie, Happy Endings, The Big C, Enlightened, or Curb Your Enthusiasm while going into Up All Night (that they admit won’t break through this year) and rehashing what everyone has said about Glee for over a year. They didn’t even mention Big Bang Theory, and given its recent soaring in the ratings I’m guessing it’ll be lauded more than ever. With the right campaign, it could be the true threat to Modern Family.

  8. I’ll admit I haven’t seen all of these , but my bet is Community . Glee is a bit like Two and a Half Men , in that , they’ve become formulaic ! In saying that , I think Glee is Great , albeit a Gay Blow Job ! Community has just lost all their original Producers and some Cast , and has been taken over by Sony Entertainment ! Like Community , New Girl is Fresh Comedy , and a long outside chance , I think !

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