'General Hospital', 'Live With Regis & Kelly', 'Today' Win Top Daytime Emmys; Susan Lucci Delivers 'All My Children' Tribute

General Hospital, the only surviving daytime drama on ABC, won Best Drama Series at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards tonight and the entire cast took to the stage (pictured) to accept the soap’s 11th win in the category. Earlier in the show, which took place at the Beverly Hilton and was carried live on HLN, General Hospital‘s Anthony Geary accepted his award for best lead actor in a drama series and thanked ABC for renewing the bubble show “instead of canceling it to make room for Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong,” a reference to the broadcast network replacing all canceled soaps so far with unscripted fare.

NBC’s Today show, which after a long run comfortably at the top of the ratings is enduring a formidable ratings challenge from rival nominee Good Morning America, took the award for Best Morning Show. It was a welcome reprieve for the embattled NBC show, which also is facing a shakeup, with co-host Ann Curry expected to exit. The syndicated Live With Regis and Kelly, which has aired as Live With Kelly with Kelly Ripa and guest co-hosts since Regis Philbin’s November departure, landed its first Emmy for best entertainment talk show. Neither Philbin or Ripa, who later in the show were awarded the Emmy for Best Talk Show Host, were present. The best informative talk show trophy went to the syndicated The Doctor Oz Show for a second straight year, while The View executive producer Bill Geddie received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Susan Lucci of the cancelled ABC soap All My Children took the stage at the awards show to express her gratitude for being a part of the series and for the privilege of playing the “glamorous” and “deliciously flawed” Erica Kane for 41 years. “The part of a lifetime.” In a nod to all the fans — and they are legion — who’ve told her how much they miss the show and Erica, she said she recently read an appropriate response for its loss: “Don’t cry because something is over, smile because it was.”
(General Hospital cast, Susan Lucci photos by Wire Image via Getty)

List Of Winners:

General Hospital (ABC)

General Hospital (ABC)

Days of Our Lives – NBC

Anthony Geary, as Luke Spencer General Hospital (ABC)

Heather Tom, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer
General Hospital, ABC

Nancy Lee Grahn, as Alexis Davis
General Hospital, ABC

Chandler Massey, as Will Horton
Days Of Our Lives, NBC

Christel Khalil, as Lily Winters
The Young and the Restless, CBS

The Doctor Oz Show – Syndicated

Live With Regis and Kelly – SYNDICATED

Jeopardy! – SYNDICATED

Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction – Food Network

Penguins of Madagascar – Nickelodeon

Kevin Clash as Elmo – Sesame Street -PBS

Kids React – Fine Brothers Productions – YouTube

Bill Geddie, Executive Producer of The View

  1. How many soaps are left? I thought it was only a small handful now? I wonder how the ever diminishing number of them will affect the Daytime Emmys? Maybe they should just collapse them into the regular Emmys.

    1. There are only 4 soaps left

      Bold and the Beautiful
      Young and the Restless

      Days of Our Lives

      General Hospital

      Unfortunately, the best soap, One Life to Live, was cancelled back in January and was completely snubbed at the emmys (like it always was).

      Compare the soap airing 10 years vs. today.

      Guiding Light
      Young and the Restless
      Bold and the Beautiful
      As the World Turns

      Days of Our Lives

      Port Charles
      All My Children
      One Life to Live
      General Hospital

      It’s no wonder why daytime has gone down the drain. Look at the horrible programming now compared to 10 years ago

      1. “…One Life to Live, was cancelled back in January and was completely snubbed at the emmys (like it always was).”

        You mean like it always was snubbed except for the 40 times it won a daytime Emmy? Those would include one outstanding drama Emmy, two lead actor Emmys, eleven lead actress wins (two by Judith Light, six by Erika Slezak), one supporting actor, one supporting actress, one younger actor, and about 28 technical awards. Are those the snubs you’re talking about?

      2. ABC in particular replaced their soaps with disastrous programming choices but I think they’ll have a winner with their afternoon version of Good Morning, America. That’s such a great idea, I’m surprised CBS didn’t come up with it first.

        1. Untrue. One of the replacements has been cancelled. But “The Chew” has some weeks met or exceeded the ratings of the show it replaced, “All My Children”. And it’s a fraction of the cost of a soap. That not “disastrous” – hate to break it to you. You soap fans really are out of touch with reality, aren’t you? It might help to read more, get a job, and/or stop eating junk food.

          1. Are you high? Have you heard of a DVR? Professional, thin, healthy eaters love soaps too. I DVR the Chew and GH too!

          2. Millions of people are soap fans and we are not “out of touch with reality” as you say. “Reality” is the fact that while groups have one thing in common (in this case, soaps), the individual members of a group are just that – individuals with their own lives and personalities. YOU are the one who is “out of touch with reality” if you don’t even know that people are different. What? So can I refer to you as an “idiot” because you made a comment that I happen to not agree with? If you’re summarizing all soap fans as “out of touch with reality”, then since (to you) “all” = “same”, then that must make you an idiot. By the way, I am a voracious reader (look it up), taught myself to read when I was 3 (I’m 53 now); I love to learn, so I would read encyclopedias for fun (to learn), and I have a 4.0 GPA in college. I HAVE a job, and what? you never eat junk food? Again, what an idiot.

          3. Really, you think soap fans do nothing but sit around eating junk food..many viewers have jobs..I would like you to tell someone who has been in the military fighting overseas in the war zones who return home to unwind in front of their favourite soap ( which many have said the enjoy watching) to get a job. As far as The Phew goes, one of the hosts steals tips from his staff and is a horrible employer. If you enjoy watching all of these hosts sitting around eating food with some of its contents dropping out of their mouths onto the plate which is disgusting especially when in front of the camera..Not a show I would recommend to anyone & feel sorry for the affiliated network stations who have been told to carry it

          4. Wow, Miffy. You must work for ABC/Disney, huh?

            It is important to note that OLTL, specifically, was coming on on a shoestring budget of between 700-800K per week, compared to the 1.1-1.3M it was costing to produce AMC, so the “savings” simply were/are non existent. Add to that the cost of advertising, lost revenue, and the development cost of the “replacement” shows, and The Revolution, in particular, was a financial DISASTER for the network. The Chew isn’t faring much better, and ABC/D is scratching its collective head trying to figure out “wha happen?”

            “Wha happen” was they tried to fix something that wasn’t broken, but needed some tweaking to make it more successful. A FRACTION of the advertising used on the replacement shows would have resulted in a much better return.

            So. Miffy, in case you missed that, let me remind you that there are MANY working, college educated, intelligent, non junk food eating soap fans out there. I wish the same could be said of the fans of the replacement drivel.

          5. I think it’s “Reality tv and it’s viewers” who are, as you say, “out of touch with Reality”. There is nothing Real about it. Soap fans are a very loyal bunch and we come for all different walks of life. We are woman and men who are not only Homemaker but we are also professionals, athletes, celebs, ect… I think the fact that these soaps have been on the air for decades. How many “reality” shows will be able to stand that type of test of time? Maybe you should reconsider who is the one who is “out of touch”? Congratulations to all the winners at the “Daytime Emmy’s” especially to #GeneralHospital #TonyGeary #JonathanJackson #NancyLeeGrahn #SoapsStillMatter

          6. Miffy:
            I am a college educated, healthy-eating, senior executive in the sports and entertainment field AND I love the soaps. So you shouldn’t be so narrow minded to think that all soap fans are sitting at home eating bon bons.
            And by the way, even if they are – that is a life choice.
            And really it’s nobody’s business but their own.

        2. I wouldn’t watch this show if it was the only media left after a nuclear explosion. I hope it tanks just like everything else seems to be doing on ABC.

    2. A huge thanks to HLN for broacasting the show. The Red Carpet coverage was a welcome addition to the telecast.

      Congrats to General Hospital’s cast and crew on their awards. It is sad to think that ABC who has no respect for the genre had no other shows take home an Emmy!

  2. I enjoyed being a stagehand for the Daytime Emmy Awards show the last 2 years at the Hilton Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas. Must have been about 50 woman with gowns on stage at the conclusion of the show.

  3. Three cheers to Chandler Massey. His portrayal of Will Horton on Days of Our Lives is one of the best things on daytime drama. He’s a joy and he’s very talented.

  4. So happy that Live with Regis and Kelly FINALLY gets it’s due for best show, something it has deserved for decades and also a win for the hosts.

    I hated the music — felt like a vegas slot machine music that played when winners were announced and really can’t they show the emmy scenes anymore. It was always nice to see why a performer was nominated and why they won.

    Thanks HLN for airing it, I don’t expect great ratings though.

  5. Why was Live submitted as r&k if he only appeared in 3mos? All this is fake anyway. I worked in daytime & ep always gave me ballots to fill out 4them..No one watches all these soaps;talkshows;court etc. Heck I never even heard of judge show that won

    1. Well, someone must be watching. Maybe not you, but someone.

      For Emmy consideration, you submit an episode that represents your best work. So “Regis and Kelly” submitted Regis’s final episode for consideration, which is why “Regis and Kelly” won and not “Live with Kelly”.

      And there has been a separate category for courtroom shows for the last few years, so there have a few judge shows that have won.

  6. I am so pleased that GH won. Well done. They have improved their show so much. The injection of OLTL characters has been great, too. As for Heather Tom winning I can only say ‘Really??’. She is a good actress, but she is not able to show her depth on a show like B&B where she spends most of the time bitching about her daughter-in-law. Her heart attack was one of the fakest you would see even in Bollywood. She also is only a supporting actress at best given that most of the focus of the show is on about 4 actresses and she ain’t one of them. I shake my head. Laura Wright of GH should have been given the award again this year. I was so-so about Anthony Geary winning again. Maurice Benard put in some great performances. But maybe his name carries less weight than the legend of AG. Jonathan Jackson was a very worthy winner. He is gold. How this guy hasn’t made it yet in the mainstream is beyond me. Christel Khalil is another who I am surprised about as her acting on Y&R haa been pretty awful. Congrats to Chandler Massey of DOOL who thoroughly deserves his win. When is DOOL’s James Scott going to get some recognition?? He is a power house actor. Certainly he is deserving of an award. The day time soaps are a wonderful, entertaining genre. Long may they live.

    1. The improvements have happened this year, it had nothing to do with the awards given out last year. i am glad that GH won it is my favorite, but would have been happy with a AMC win.

      They say that OLTL has been snubbed in the past because it is like a stepchild to AMC althought it was on longer. It just did not have the popularity until recently.

    2. I disagree about Laura Wright. Erika Slezak did some of her finest work this past year on OLTL!

  7. Bob Woods was robbed! Very sad he didn’t win! I don’t see the allure and praise of Geary…..

  8. Oh, I was wondering why Kelly got the award. I was really surprised. I didn’t know it was submitted as Regis & Kelly. Obviously an award for all Regis’ fine work in the past & his longevity. Not really fair for all the other nominees in the category (which I think are better) but it’s typical in award shows.

  9. Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan were robbed bigtime. Both of them stand head and shoulders above their competitors.

    When was the last time a Black Actor won for Lead?
    When was the last time a Black Actress won for Lead?

    Something is severly wrong with fairness and equality in the Emmy voting system.

    and Darnell Williams is also a legend too and he and Debbi Morgan are Number One in SuperCouple polls ahead of Luke and Laura on General Hospital.

    No one comes close to Debbi and Darnell. No one.

    as for the show, it seemed forced and flat. Barbara Walters intro to Bill Geddie was wonderful. The All My Children and One Life To Live tributes, well what tribute? This was wrong on all levels.

    Daytime Soaps are a dying breed. When will the plug be pulled permanently, only time will tell. Daytime Entertainment is moving in a different direction, generally speaking.

  10. The Daytime “Emmy” show is and was all about the Soaps, when they’re all gone few people (if any) will care about the show. Who’ll care what daytime talk show wins.

  11. Has anyone actually watched, “Live w/ Kelly” since Regis left. Awful. The entire show is about her now. She makes Kathie Lee look self-less by comparison. Seriously, she makes everything about her. How they will ever choose a co-host? That guy will get lost amongst the ridiculous anecdotes she tells day in and day out. The “Live” staff and crew must be wanting to hang themselves by 10AM.

    1. actually, I think Kelly is doing great. It was really bad with Regis these past couple of years. As comparing Kelly to Kathie Lee……Kelly would KNOW Martin Short’s wife was dead, and wouldn’t go on and on like if she was bff with him.

  12. Thank you for airing the award show. My entire family watched it. I did hate that we weren’t able to see clips from the soaps. But was glad to see some of the cast members from AMC/OLTL and excited that General Hospital took home many awards. There is one Soap missing on that list and its Dallas on TNT.

  13. Very pleased with the production of this year’s Daytime Emmys show and very thankful, and grateful, that HLN broadcasted the event. Thank you for this article. It was a fabulous evening for fans of daytime television.

    1. I am also so very grateful that HLN gave the respect to our beloved soaps to broadcast the Emmys I am also happy that so many nominated and won,that were abandoned by ABC with its bad programming choices Regis I guess you showed ABC who was the king General Hospital Congrats for they were just about to cancel you and had secondthoughts….. OLTL &AMC we are still fighting for you

  14. I have watched GH for 48 years love GH.Luke has been a great actor as most of the actors on GH.Thank you for this article.ABC/Disney please bring bacl AMC & OLTL.

  15. I have always loved Anthony Geary, as far back as I can remember. I really didn’t think I could love that man any more than I did until last night. I am so proud of what he said in his acceptance speech. He hit the nail right on the head with regard to the “Celebrity Boob Job Gone Wrong” comment. I hope after last nights ratings come out, someone will see the fan base is still here and do something to get our beloved soaps back on the air. #SoapsStillMatter #AMC #OLTL #GH

  16. How much were you paid for that answer? Amazing…who took the darn poll that summizes that is what the fans/viewers want? Maybe someone should ask us? Cuz if daytime is “moving in a different direction” it’s because of studio blowhards wanting to cut budget & fill the slot with more reality TV we actually don’t want…like the “spew” or “revulsion” . Save the genre!

  17. Happy GH won best soap, gotta say its head and shoulders better then the rest. I think ABC should keep one soap, much needed “naughty” to the otherwise boring new daytime shows. I have to comment on “The Right Coast” though! I think its hilarious that someone is complaining about Kelly Ripa “talking about herself” haha! She learned from the best at self love, Regis! She is sweet and doesn’t try half as hard as he did. I can stand the show now because she manages to be less stuffy and obviously works with anyone, something that um Regis had some trouble doing. Overall, GH and maybe Dr Oz and Live with Kelly are the only shows i watch on daytime.

  18. First, I am very grateful to HLN for picking up the broadcast of the Daytime Emmys. That broacast trended for over 2 hours on Twitter and was the No 1 trending show on getglue.com yesterday. The awards for GH and its actors were wonderful to see; I only wish Erika Slezak would have won in her category. “Daytime TV” will be nothing without soaps…ABC is finding that out the hard way. Not only has it lost 50% of its viewers from a year ago in OLTL’s spot, viewership in AMC’s timeslot is down over a million and The View is slipping as well. This is translating into loss in primetime too. Soaps are not relevant? We’ll see how relevant they are when GAA(g) and Katie tank just like The Revulsion did.

  19. So glad Tony won best actor-his 7th. Erika Slezak should have won her 7th as best actress. Susan didn’t do as much for AMC as she did for Erika Kane & where was OLTL tribute. They let Erika Slezak on for a minute with no tribute to OLTL the best soap last year. If OLTL could not win I’m glad GH did. We all know OLTL for some reason has been underdog for some time.

  20. So when the last soap is canceled, then the Daytime Emmys get canned as well? Or do they just create new categories for the remaining lame shows?

  21. “Celebrity Boob Jobs Gone Wrong.” Anthony Geary so astutely summed up Daytime television with this line. There is no respect for the daytime viewer, daytime actors, or daytime programming. It is remarkable how an industry could destroy the very golden goose that supported its news, local affiliates, poor decisions, and prime time programming. Network television is simply putting another nail in its own coffin every time it threatens another soap opera. The type of loyalty, patronage, and support given soaps by their fans will never be duplicated.

  22. we are not liking those talk shows, bring back the soaps. If i need to know how to cook,I go to cooking channel. Talk shows be gone, housewives need excitment doing the day.

  23. Katie Couric is the luckiest person on this earth, 6 or 7 years ago she was given a multi million dollar contract because we were to believe she was the “smartest” news person….well, she lost ratings, and they stuck it out with her for 5 years (unheard of) Now she’s supposed to be the “new” Oprah. Pleaseeeeeeeee.

    I loved Anthony Geary’s acceptance speech.

  24. If you would check your facts, I do not believe The Chew has ever once exceeded either the Total Household or key female 18-49 demographic ratings All My Children attained, even during its darkest days of ratings erosion. Furthermore, The Chew compares even more unfavorably against ABC’s other canceled soap, One Life to Live which was experiencing a year-long ratings resurgence when it was unceremoniously canceled by ABC, and replaced by a heavily-promoted reality show that lasted only 4 months before ABC was embarassingly forced to pull the plug. In addition, neither The Chew, nor The Revolution are a “fraction of the cost,” they cost only 30-40% less to produce, and that production cost savings has more than been eradicated in the significantly increased cost to promote the replacements and the reprecussions from the loss of 2.5 MILLION+ ad impressions  per week ABC’s advertisers have experienced in the key demographic for that 2-hour daytime block. Finally, replacing AMC & OLTL with sub-standard fare, ABC has lost TWO Daytime Ratings Sweeps’ periods back to back for the first time in 11 years, costing them significant future ad revenue. We are also seeing drops in various ABC affiliates’ Hungerford report rankings at the local level. So, perhaps it is not soap fans who should “read  more.” Soap fans are reading plenty, and we are following every business & financial move Disney & ABC makes. 

    1. Can I get an AMEN–I’ve been trying to tell folks the same stats, and noone believes me

  25. I watched the award show and I have only two negative comments:
    1. Enough with the puppets. It’s just not funny especially when someone famous has to share the stage and/or song.
    2. Next time you low-ball the music budget please create more than that one section that played over and over through the night.
    Other than that, I think soaps belong on the Internet or other VOD.
    It was really stupid to take off the other ones without finding a new distribution arrangement. That was a big, loyal audience…seems like someone should have made something work.

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