Dan Harmon & Steve Levitan React To 'Community's Critics Choice Win

Community Critics Choice TV AwardsCommunity creator and recently ousted showrunner Dan Harmon took to Twitter to react to the show’s surprise best comedy series win at last night Critics Choice TV Awards and indicated that he was not invited to the ceremony. “Congrats, Community, and thank you, critics,” he wrote. “Sorry I was unable to have been invited!” Harmon was acknowledged onstage by Community star Joel McHale, who accepted the series’ first major award. “I want to thank Dan Harmon, who created the greatest show on television,” McHale said.

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Critics’ Choice TV Awards: ‘Homeland’, ‘Community’ Double Winners

Also last night, Harmon and McHale got a shoutout from Steve Levitan, co-creator of awards juggernaut Modern Family, which won the best comedy prize last year and had been favored to repeat. “A big congrats to @danharmon, @joelmchale and everyone from Community for their big win tonight! Thrilled for them!!” Levitan tweeted. Replied Harmon: “@SteveLevitan thank you, sir. Now it’s official, by one metric, we are equally successful.”

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  1. congrats on the uber- triumph of “community”, dan. it’s a shame that these overlords feel an incessant need to “give the gift that keeps giving” by dissing you.

    success (and awards) is the best revenge against these empty-suited ninnies. good luck now with the emmys! yee haw!

  2. Big deal. No one made such a big deal out of these awards last year, when they failed to convert much of anything into surprise Emmy’s.

    The “oh poor us, we’re so brilliant yet no one respects us” schtick is getting old, too. There are plenty of other shows that are long overlooked by Emmy that handle things with more class.

    I enjoy watching Community, but the exhibitionism is getting wearying.

  3. Dano,

    I agree that better shows than Community have been snubbed in the past. But keep in mind Harmon isn’t issuing press releases and jumping in front of TMZ cameras. He made one blog entry and an occasional tweet. It is Deadline and other news sites that take his semi-private communications with his fans and try to make them into a big controversy.

  4. One of my favorite things about awards shows is watching when, on rare occasions, people who have been fired from shows get to get up on stage, pick up their statue, and gloat at the stupidity of their bosses for firing them. You see this more at the creative arts Emmys.

  5. Not to be my english teacher but is that correct english? — “Sorry I was unable to have been invited!”

    and why wouldn’t he be invited, they are honoring the show that he did last season which he was a part of.

  6. I have nothing to do with this show, and I also have no doubt that Dan Harmon is difficult, maybe even very difficult. But he is also a unique and brilliant talent. The show was consistently amazing and hilarious, and he had the support of his cast. In such a case the network president steps in and makes peace. I’m sure Bob has had to do it before when he was at SHOWTIME, he is supposed to be “artist friendly”.

    But instead, what does he do?

    He fires the creator of the show, and rudely. It’s staggering. It would be like firing Larry David from SEINFELD.

    The show will win more awards because it is a great show and the NBC brass will look like what they really are. That simple.

    1. I know it’s easy to blame the network since they air the show but maybe you should get your facts straight before having a tantrum.

      Harmon had a contract with Sony, not NBC, as they were the ones who produce the show. It was up to them whether he worked on the show, NBC got to pick if they wanted to buy more episodes.

      And while in all senses it was a firing, more accurately they just let him go. His contract was up and the length of the contract had been fulfilled, so he wasn’t “fired” in that sense. It’s a massive loss that he’s gone but it’s not like they brutally forced him out. They stopped him from coming back.

      Bob was the one who renewed the show – and yet you’re having a go at him? Classic. Had nothing to do with “NBC brass.”

  7. I won’t even sample just because of the creator’s whining… Clearly it wasn’t working if the staff and network wanted u gone. Go create something else, moneybags!

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