Academy Re-Names Art Directors Branch

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The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Science Board of Governors has approved a recommendation from the Art Directors Branch. Moving forward, the branch will be known as the Designers Branch. The branch includes production designers, art directors, set decorators and costume designers.

  1. Can you imagine how many branch meetings and governors meetings it took to come up with this? I guess folks like sound designers, creature designers and all other designers not in these four branches will have to look for another title or move branches or whatever.

    It is truly amazing in the course of the Academy press releases regarding changes how little was changed in any meaningful way. The Oscar category which cries out for revision is the song category, yet all the Academy could do was open it up to an addition team member even though rarely was this ever broached as a need to date.

    It certainly appears almost impossible to get one new idea through the Academy. The meetings at the Academy must be seriously hazardous to one’s mental health.

  2. This is ALL about the DGA not wanting ANYONE to have the word
    “director” in the name of what they do besides them.

  3. What about main title designers? It’s time for to make an Oscar category for that.

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