The days when everyone had to wait for the actual broadcast network upfront presentations to find out what their schedules for the next season will look like are long gone. That information is now disseminated ahead of time, with the upfront presentations used to provide first glimpses of the networks’ new shows. So here is a helpful guide when you can expect the announcements of the broadcast network’s fall schedules, which will be posted on Deadline right away. For information on the upfront presentations and parties’ times and locations, click here.

NBC: Sunday, May 13, 1:45 ET

Fox: Monday, May 14, 8 AM ET

ABC: Tuesday, May 15, 11 AM ET

CBS: Wednesday, May 16, around 8:45 AM ET

The CW: Thursday, May 17, AM, exact time still TBD (I’ll update when available, last year it was 9 AM ET)

3 years
That is now early for the upfronts, starting on a Sunday instead of Monday for NBC. FOX...
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Some of these networks need to puck up alot midseason shows since most of the ones for...
3 years
Am looking forward to seeing their schedule.