Howard Stern Parents Television CouncilThe Parents Television Council has been quick to pounce on any number of series or personalities it considers unsafe for the public airwaves, but today’s letter to advertisers of NBC’s America’s Got Talent takes the step of condemning a show that hasn’t had a chance to offend anyone yet. In its missive, the PTC for a second time rips the network for bringing on Howard Stern as a judge on the show in the family-friendly 8 PM time slot. Of course, Talent doesn’t premiere until May 14, but no sense in waiting — let’s just assume Stern is going to provide “a sharp increase in explicit content”. From the letter: “There can be, and there must be, a presumption that Mr. Stern will only continue to conduct himself in precisely the same manner as he has done for decades. Unless and until his conduct consistently reflects and respects the time, place and manner of an 8:00 p.m. broadcast television program, we would urge you and your advertising agency to consider alternate network television programming for your media dollars.” The tactic is similar to the one used last year to attack NBC’s The Playboy Club — though it turned out that series didn’t need much help in being shown the door.

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Talent launches with two-hour episodes on May 14 (8-10 PM) and May 15 before settling into its regular time periods of Monday 8-9 PM and Tuesday 9-10 PM. So the PTC will be on call two nights a week to see if its predictions come true.

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