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SAG AFTRA Merger LawsuitJudge James Otero sent out an order today cancelling the March 26 hearing in the lawsuit filed by Martin Sheen, Ed Harris, Diane Ladd and others asking to render the SAG-AFTRA merger vote void before it is conducted. The federal judge said the motion to dismiss the case and the motion for a preliminary injunction “are taken under submission” and added that “an order will be issued” on the matter. Otero gave no indication as to when that might happen or whether it will stop the vote scheduled for March 30.

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4 years
Sounds like the judge will rule on the motions on the merits of the paperwork filed (i.e....
4 years
seems kinda fishy. as though maybe a ruling is afoot and the court doesn't want to waste...
4 years
Is this the "major update" we've been waiting for since Saturday? More nonsense.