Where Did Sacha Baron Cohen Go Oscar Night After Being Grabbed By Security? Dinner At Vanity Fair!

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If you were watching the Oscar Red Carpet arrivals on Sunday, you saw Sacha Baron Cohen’s character from The Dictator get handled roughly by two burly security guys after dumping what he said were the ashes of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il over Ryan Seacrest’s tuxedo. It looked like he was going to be carted off in handcuffs, but what happened after?

Baron Cohen wasn’t removed. He was merely hustled away from the ash-covered Seacrest, and while he was relieved of his urn, Baron Cohen continued to parade in character for a quarter mile of Red Carpet soundbites. He didn’t attend the Oscars, but that wasn’t the Academy’s choice. I’m told the Academy bent over backwards to welcome Baron Cohen. Aside from okaying his Dictator garb choice, they set aside a dressing room so that he could change into a tux after and attend the ceremony. Once he completed that lap, Baron Cohen then entered the dressing room and emerged in his tux. But he did not use the Oscar tickets; he ducked out, got in a limo and headed right over to Vanity Fair’s viewing dinner party at the Tower Hotel. He never even sat down in the auditorium.

I didn’t see Baron Cohen at the Vanity Fair afterparty, but then again, despite his outsized character creations, Baron Cohen himself isn’t a party guy. In fact, when I asked at the weekend parties whether or not Baron Cohen was going to actually show up in Dictator garb, those who should have known didn’t know; they couldn’t reach Baron Cohen last Friday because he was observing the Sabbath and not taking calls. As for the VF party, it had all the stars in the constellation, as usual. Lugging Oscars were Jean Dujardin; Octavia Spencer; Descendants scribes Jim Rash, Nat Faxon and Alexander Payne; Gore Verbinski; and Terry George. They milled around a blue-haired Katy Perry, P Diddy, Gerard Butler, Billy Crystal, Brian Grazer, Michael Douglas, Tina Fey, Harvey Weinstein, Zach Galifianakis, Steve Martin, Natalie Portman, Ben Stiller, Martin Scorsese and a host of others.

  1. Seacrest was in on it. I was surprised an assistant had a towel right at hand for him to clean up? And who brings another tuxedo jacket along on the Red Carpet?

    Didn’t JLo have photos of herself taken by her stylist in every pose before the Oscars? Didn’t she have a video made so she knew how she would look from every angle? It ws intentional but Angie took all the after-Oscar publicity.

    Why is the public treated like fools?

    1. You have no clue what you’re talking about. That wasn’t an assistant that handed the towel to Seacrest. That was Ai Tominaga, a model and host who was covering the Oscars for Japanese media. I know because my friend was her co-host…the Japanese guy you see at the left of the screen as the immediate aftermath of the incident plays out. Seacrest wasn’t expecting it at all.

      Why do people like you have to make yourselves feel important by passing your own personal speculation off as fact?

    2. I read that he always has a tux on hand for events like this, and that he hates being messy. And it does make sense. I bet a lot of people have back-up dresses and tuxes, especially at the Oscars.

  2. Seacrest is a fool, does he need the press that bad? The Sacha security team was his own team and not Oscar security, you can see it on the video. Agreed, the Grammy’s are first, MTV movie awards second the Kids choice awards, the Tony’s, then the Oscars.

  3. The Academy’s first instincts were correct to pull his tickets.

    Then,for whatever reason, they relented and got burned.


  4. Who brings a second tux to a ceremony? How about a professional who knows something bad can always happen. he could have a bird take a dump on him. And towels should always be nearby in case Seacrest needs to dry himself after being coated in spit from Jennifer Tilly.

  5. Ryan Seacrest was aware of the staged prank!


    1) He did not act at all surprised. Plus, he received more Press than any other person at the 2012 Oscars.
    2) Why did Seacrest have an extra Tuxedo Jacket with him at the Oscars if he did not expect the prank?
    3) Sacha Baron Cohen was escorted away by Paid Actors posing as Security Guards…not real Security Guards
    4) Sacha Baron Cohen did a few interviews after the staged prank

  6. The Academy were stupid for even allowing this man to come to the show dressed in his garb and then he screws them over by not even attending the actual ceremony but instead ducks out for a viewing party. What a tool this guy Cohen is! I’m hoping the studios are smart enough NOT to do business with this jackass and Seacrest always was and is a dweeb, but don’t believe he even knew what was going to happen to him as a result of this moron’s actions.

  7. It was undoubtedly a set-up. (Though a fun set-up. Everyone would like to dump crap on Seacrest). E! was trumpeting the “interview” beforehand, and the stunt reeks of the Bruno-on-Eminem bit from the MTV awards show that was later revealed to be planned.

  8. I wouldn’t care if he really tried to be funny. But he came with all that just to promote his stupid movie. Oscars is not some MTV movie awards where stars come to promote movies. They shouldn’t have let him walk that red carpet. And it won’t help. His stupid Dictator movie will fail just like Bruno did.

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