Sacha Baron Cohen Punks Ryan Seacrest: 'The Dictator' Spills “Kim Jong Il's Ashes” All Over Red Carpet Host! (Ryan Unamused)

BREAKING… UPDATE: (See video below) Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen Ryan Seacrestjust strolled onto the Red Carpet wearing The Dictator‘s full military white uniform in character as General Alladeen from the Middle East Republic of Wadiya. Flanked by two gorgeous women in military mini-skirts, Baron Cohen appears to be holding a funereal urn. (Maybe containing the ashes of the Academy’s integrity?) Ryan Seacrest of E! played along and addressed Baron Cohen as “Dictator” to which sacha responded, “Hello. Death to the West!”

Seacrest asked whom he is wearing. “I’m wearing John Galliano but the socks are from KMart. Saddam Hussein once said to me, ‘Socks Sacha Baron Cohen Ashesare socks. Don’t waste money.” And, yes, that is a funereal urn which Sacha said contained his “dear friend” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. “It was his dream to come to the Oscars and to be sprinkled over the Red Carpet and over Halle Berry’s chest again.” (Too bad: Berry pulled out as an Oscars presenter today because of an injury that has her on crutches.)

With that, Baron Cohen opened the urn and ten spilled the ashes all over Seacrest’s Burberry tuxedo and shoes!

Immediately, security men (real or play-acting) pushed Baron Cohen away from Seacrest who didn’t looked amused. “It’s OK. Now if somebody asks you who you are wearing, you can say Kim Jung Il!”

Said the stunned Seacrest, who looked a mess, “I had a feeling he was up to something in some fashion or form. We’ll be right back…”

Here’s the official E! video. Text continues after the jump:

Sacha Baron Cohen and Ryan SeacrestThe Academy previously wouldn’t let the studios promote their upcoming movies. But Paramount is releasing The Dictator in May, and its paid marketing consultant is Tom Sherak — the Academy President. The Academy of Motion Picture “Arts & Zionists” — Baron Cohen’s description, not mine — tried to ban Baron Cohen and then relented in what many feel was a publicity stunt set-up. Sacha’s character in the film risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. During this week’s runup, Baron Cohen’s shtick included touching the third rail of Jews and Hollywood. But Sacha’s Red Carpet punking of the Viscount Of Vapidity was priceless. Later, Seacrest said, “I figured he was either going to do that to me or George Clooney.”

UPDATE: “My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets, always wondered why,” Seacrest tweeted. “Now I know.”

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  1. Since the Oscars are the nadir, er, pinnacle of self promotion, SBC’s antics are both reassuring and horrifying.

      1. All things considered now, The Dictator was easily the most entertaining aspect of the Academy’s entire evening.

  2. I don’t understand why SBC has to behave like an idiot, especially on Hollywood’s biggest night. It’s not the SBC awards. Come to the show dressed in a nice suit or tux and act like an adult.

    1. That’s his schtick..always acting like an idiot. He can be funny, but he’s also a talented actor. He should play it straight more.

        1. Yeah, he’s an idiot. He should just stand in line and do as he’s told. No jokes at anyone else’s expense. I do like the commercial with the Muppets that is playing “Under Pressure” for Google+. Since SBC gets all of this hate, it’s hard to remember he’s in the same category as Trey Parker and Matt Stone as people who were brushed off as idiots who were immature and couldn’t do anything but “toilet humor” by the majority of our idiotic society until they came out and did Book of Mormon. Maybe Sacha will find the same success playing Freddie Mercury. Even if it’s not a hilarious role, maybe he can win the respect of you morons.

          1. Jokes at the expense of pretentious celebrities? Now that I’d pay to watch. I realize there are some decent people in that crowd, but standing in line at the order of any of them is not some I’d feel I was beholden to at any point in time from the beginning of the universe to the end.

            Cohen’s got the right idea.

          2. Thank you, thank you. It’s no surprise as to why good people aren’t in show business, they can’t stand dealing with the majority, whom either are or are a mix of insecure, jealous, pretentious people.

            Like virtually all other threads, you have the typical bashing of someone in the business because they are jealous of them or bashing because they are of a higher stature and SBC is doing something “low-brow,” even though some of his work has been pure genius.

            I was in the business on the publishing side for a good few years and for those of you who aren’t or haven’t been, let me tell you that Nikke Finke making fun of the Academy is terrific.

            This is the same organization that would warn us publishers the term OSCAR was to be used when referencing the award and if the term OSCAR was not used in all caps with the registered trademark logo, our company risked losing all credentials at any time and certain infractions could cause legal action. This is the typical in the business, a bunch of people who think that what they do is somehow so important in the world and are vastly full of themselves. The Academy is simply pathetic.

      1. This guy isn’t even a talented actor the way he plays the
        dictator he sounds like an idiot and also looks like one. He has
        worn out his act the first time he did it. I first time I saw him
        I asked myself if I wanted to go see the movie and watch an hour and on half of this idiot. My answer was no way. Does anyone want
        to go watch 1 1/2 hours of this idiot.

        1. No, I don’t want to see an hour and a half. I am hoping it will be longer. He is a (literal)genius, as his (perfect) choice of Seacrest to be his foil demonstrates.

    2. I think he’s freakin’ funny. Especially with the times the way they are now. It frankly a breath of fresh air at the biggest self congratulatory award ceremony on earth.

      Without each other, who would all of these hollywood people be?

    3. All clear thinking Americans should now avoid seeing the movie to teach this spoiled brat a lesson.

    4. He is a comedic genius, light years ahead of anyone else. And now everyone is talking about his new film. THAT’S why he behaves the way his does !

      1. When you say “light years” ahead of everyone else, do you mean 5,878,625,373,184 miles ahead of everyone else? I, mean, that is quite a lead. Let’s examine his lead:

        1) Borat: 262 million Worldwide
        2) Bruno: 139 million Worldwide


        So using past performance as an indicator of future results:

        3) The Dictator: 73 million worldwide

        Of course, if he continues to receive half of his previous movie’s revenue, it will not ever reach zero. So, he is a genius.But light years? Hyperbole?

    5. What a dreary, puritanical po faced shower of shirts. I’m amazed at the reverence given to this institution which, since the 80’s, has turned out link after link of the sausage of mediocrity. The Oscars are not a religious ceremony and I know the oldest thing you have in this country still standing is Joan Rivers but please get all offended and teary over what is after all a giant Daisy Chain with the lights on with prizes.

    6. Poor celebrities. Their pretentious night of self glorification was ruined by the jester SBC. Too bad they don’t get any other opportunities to garner media attention during the year.

    1. So staged it is pitiful, Ryan promoting it on every commercial break. Two losers trying to get some press.

  3. I don’t care for this new SBC character creation. Although am I looking forward to yet another overlong, stale Academy Awards show with any more interest?

  4. poor Ryan Seacrest, got ashes dumped all over his nice suit, some people crave attention, but how classless was that?

  5. SBC is a freakin’ a-hole… This keeps getting worse and worse. I feel bad for his true friends and fans, as there is no way to defend his idiot behavior. I thought Ali G and Borat were fun and creative. this things he’s on now is sad and desperate.

    He should have come as himself… Instead he looks like a douchebag…

    And I don’t care what people say – this is not going to create more “buzz”… He just blew his load all over Seacrest on the Red Carpet…

  6. It doesn’t surprise me that so many here commenting don’t understand satire.

    This was brilliant! It will probably go down as the moment of the night. And socks from K Mart? Awesome.

  7. Guy is funny as hell, probably the only funny thing we’ll see all night. Don’t confuse class with schmaltz. These Academy blowhards think they are giving out the Nobel peace prize they deserve to have a little wind taken out of their sails now and again.

  8. The only problem with Cohen’s shtick: Kim Jong-il’s body is and will forever lie in repose in Pyongyang. The Dictator got rooked. And Seacrest is in fact not wearing Kim Jong-il.

    1. Wait, are you trying to tell us that might not actually in fact been the ashes of Kim Jong Il? Suddenly I get the feeling we’ve all been set up here….

  9. Unbelievable that the Academy allowed this publicity minded jerk to get away with promoting his film this way.

  10. So Tom Sherak, prez of the academy, who ulitmately allowed the tix to be given back to Sasha and allowed him to come in character is being paid by the studio that is releasing the dictator.

    Now he got the biggest news event of the Oscars.

    Slight conflict of interest…?

  11. That is ASSAULT. It could also spark an international incident with North Korea, a nuclear power. Arrest this man immediately.

    1. I hope you are being sarcastic, otherwise your a flipping idiot. Thermonuclear war breaks out because someone poked fun at a country’s dead leader? Right.

      1. I don’t know why you think that is so out of the realm of possibility with the crazies that run NK. KJI is made out to be – literally – a God that has now returned to the heavenly realm. Look how thousands upon thousands go berserk if you look at the Koran askew.

        Nutjob people are capable of anything.

    2. Lucky for us the North Koreans won’t be seeing that on TV on reading it on the internet, since they have no freedom. This has to be bad sarcasm. You can’t possibly be worried about how a country like that feels about anything that happens in America.

  12. Silly! Why do we take it all so serious, watching a bunch of former high school drama geeks who now rule the world and sit around and blow sunshine up each others a%#@$ every year as if this really has any bearing to what is going on???

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