Weinstein Co To Expand 'My Week With Marilyn' Ahead Of Oscars

New York, NY (February 17, 2012) The Weinstein Company announced today that they are expanding MY WEEK WITH MARILYN into 600 theaters nationwide. This will give audiences a chance to see for the first time or revisit the film in theaters in advance of the awards. MY WEEK WITH MARILYN garnered two Academy Award® Nominations for Michelle Williams, Best Actress, and Kenneth Branagh, Best Supporting Actor. Audiences are again embracing Marilyn Monroe with the success of the film and now the small screen hit, SMASH. MY WEEK WITH MARILYN is currently in select theaters and will be expanding on February 24th.

  1. MWWM is a pitch-perfect parody of every Weinstein Co. film ever made. That’s what it was intended to be right?

  2. The film didn’t do that well so they are expanding it again just in case people want to ignore it again? It’s a light, fluffy piece with no substance. Michelle Williams does her best with what she is given but this was a Lifetime Channel movie material.

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