Rundown Of Academy Awards 2012 Show?

Here is the the 84th Oscar telecast line-up, according to popular Israeli film blogger Yair Raveh. I can’t confirm but he’s been right with his rundowns since 2009. All times are PST:

5:30 PM: Show starts, Billy Crystal’s opening number.
5:40 PM: 1st award – Cinematography.
5:43 PM: Art Direction.
5:52 PM: Costume Design.
5:54 PM: Makeup.
6:03 PM: Foreign Language Film.
6:07 PM: Supporting Actress.
6:20 PM: Editing.
6:23 PM: Sound Editing
6:26 PM: Sound Mixing.
6:33 PM: Cirque du Soleil
6:37 PM: Documentary Feature.
6:41 PM: Animated Feature.
6:49 PM: Visual Effects.
6:53 PM: Supporting Actor.
7:04 PM: Score.
7:08 PM: Song (expect a possible Muppet surprise here).
7:17 PM: Adapted Screenplay.
7:20 PM: Original Screenplay.
7:31 PM: Live Action Short.
7:34 PM: Documentary Short.
7:37 PM: Animated Short.
7:44 PM: Direction.
7:58 PM: In Memoriam.
8:07 PM: Best Actor.
8:15 PM: Best Actress.
8:27 PM: Best Picture.

  1. I live how the show plans for massive excitement lags and then an ending where the categories people are most interested in seeing get rushed through.

  2. Wow this is fun, popcorn and all. and now will know what time to take a break. Thanks
    Not sure the purpose of why we are watching this??????

  3. Three hours is still too long. It should start at 5 pm here which is 8 on the east coast and it should end at 10:30 if they can’t get all the awards into 2.5 hours with commercials then some of these awards need to be transferred to the technical awards daytime ceremony which is never televised or if it is it’s on some cable channel. The show always runs long it will be 3.5 hours tonight the Best Picture won’t be awarded until Midnight eastern time and 9 pm here.

  4. WTH . . . They made a HUGE deal about not wasting time on a bunch of musical numbers this year, and then gave a slot to Cirque du Soleil ?

    1. Cirque du Soleil is a promotional tie-in w/ the Kodak Theatre and academy. What do they have to do w/ this year’s movies? NOTHING!!! They gave a huge chunk of cash to the academy and the theatre by booking the venue for several years w/ their “Iris” show. Besides the Oscars, Cirque will be the only company to occupy the theatre for the next several years. MONEY SPEAKS! Remember this is greedy Hollywood. Everything is intentional w/ the end of goal of making buko bucks.

  5. At least on the left coast, your misery is over by 8:30. The right coast has to use caffeine and toothpicks until 11:30.

  6. Cannot find exact time of telecast anywhere on the internet.
    Thought I read 3 hours 14 minutes.

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