OSCARS: Wins By Studio

OSCARS: Wins By Film
OSCARS: Winners List

Weinstein Co. — 8
Paramount — 6
Sony Pictures Classics — 2
DreamWorks — 1
Fox Searchlight — 1
Focus — 1
Sony — 1
Walt Disney — 1

  1. Warners should be ashamed for not launching a full-court press for “Harry Potter” before the nominations were handed out.

    It deserved it, and once nominated would probably have won as recognition for the series (not unlike “Lord of the Rings/ROTK back in ’03.)

    Think that Robinov was just trying to spite Alan Horn?

    1. WB did push for HP. They bought billboards with ‘For Your Consideration’ plastered on them for HP and did nothing for their other films that had more potential to be Best Picture nominees (Contagion, Crazy Stupid, Love).

      The fact is, HP isn’t LOTR. Just because a film series has a successful running doesn’t mean you should just hand out awards to it. LOTR is incredible filmmaking. HP, though entertaining, is not great filmmaking.

  2. Harry Potter was a nice series of books, but the films were not very good. Separate from the books, the films feel like a disjointed mess. Having read the books, they add very little, and lose a lot of the book’s magic. At best, they are nice illustrations for the books (that really didn’t need illustrating).

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