OSCARS: Cirque Du Soleil To Perform

Beverly Hills, CA – Oscar® telecast producers Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have invited Cirque du Soleil to present a wholly unique and exclusive performance for the 84th Academy Awards, it was announced today. The one-time-only event will feature the largest Cirque cast ever assembled for a single act.

The performance will be accompanied by music by Academy Award®-nominated composer Danny Elfman, who scored the music for Cirque du Soleil’s IRIS, A Journey through the World of Cinema™. More than 50 international artists from Cirque du Soleil productions around the world will converge in Los Angeles on Oscar Sunday to bring the dynamic showcase to life.

The act marks the second time Cirque du Soleil has performed during an Academy Awards telecast. The troupe’s first appearance, at the 74th Academy Awards, sparked discussions about creating a permanent show at the Kodak Theatre and resulted in the creation of IRIS.

  1. Wait, so they can’t fit in the two Oscar-nominated songs, but they can put in a whole Cirque Du Soleil performance? Is anyone else confused?

    1. How ironic that they bring a circus act in; only a bunch of clowns could have come up with this years list of nominations.

  2. But there’s no time for the TWO best song nominees to perform?

    Muppets>>>>Cirque du Soleil

  3. Obviously a part of the desperate attempt by CIM group, to try and keep the oscars from leaving H&H, and the soon to be renamed Kodak theatre next year.

  4. I remember when the “Best Song” catagorey was wonderful. Now it’s a bore. The Academy should just stop givng an Oscar out for it. They’ve ruined it.

    1. The Cirque show located in Los Angeles – ‘Iris’ – is based on the history of film; and it was inspired by their 2002 Oscars performance. Did anyone think they WEREN’T going to appear??

  5. My hope that these Oscars might be slightly better than last year or the last ten years just went up in smoke.

    Muppets, Cirque du Crap and disrespect of the nominated songs. I predict the lowest watched Oscars ever.

    Oh, and The Artist is way overrated. Stop giving Oscars to Weinstein crap.

  6. Just now saw a performance of Crique Du Soleil in IL…was fantastic. Hey folks, sit back and enjoy the show…

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