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84th Academy Awards Nominees Photo

(Names below): Nominees for the 84th Academy Awards assembled this afternoon after the annual Nominees Luncheon for their class picture — the last time most of them will be together in one place before the Oscars ceremony February 26 at the Kodak Theatre:

Seated (left to right): Matthew Butler, Julie Anderson, Kira Carstensen Tsunami, Mark Bridges, Demián Bichir, Lon Bender, Michael De Luca, Danfung Dennis, Rebecca Cammisa, Joe Berlinger, BЋrЋnice Bejo, Letty Aronson, Max von Sydow, Kirk Baxter and J.C. Chandor.

2nd row (left to right): Erik Aadahl, Ron Bochar, Deb Adair with guest, Amanda Forbis, Stan Chervin, Glenn Close, Jean Dujardin, George Clooney, Chris Columbus, Marshall Curry, Ludovic Bource, Terry George, Patrick Doyon, Gigi Causey, Erik Nash, Jeff Cronenweth, Viola Davis, Siedah Garrett, Dave Giammarco, Lisy Christl, Nick Dudman, Enrico Casarosa, Sam Cullman, Kenneth Branagh and Scott Benza.

3rd row (left to right): Peter Devlin, Jim Burke, Brandon Oldenburg, William Joyce, Eugene Gearty, Victor Ray Ennis, Dan Lemmon, Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, Scott Farrar, John Frazier, Oorlagh George, Sarah Green, Nat Faxon, Brunson Green, Swen Gillberg, Stefan Gieren, Dede Gardner, Robert Gould, Mark Coulier, Robin Fryday, Dante Ferretti, Rick Carter, Laurence Bennett and Michael Barnathan.

4th row (left to right): Daniel Barrett, Emmanuel Lubezki, Daniel Junge, Grant Heslov, Sergio Mendes, Rachael Horovitz, Nick Nolte, Amanda Knight, Alberto Iglesias, Ren Klyce, Thomas Langmann, Michel Hazanavicius, Richard Hymns, Jeffrey Haboush, John Rosengrant, Gary Oldman, Janet McTeer, Matthew Mungle, Dan Lindsay, Lynn Johnston, Peter McDonald, Chris Miller, Alex Henning, Jonah Hill, Bret McKenzie, Ben Grossman and Tom Fleischman.

5th row (left to right): Graham King, Janusz Kaminski, Bill Pohlad, Philip Stockton, Thelma Schoonmaker, Rob Legato, Kennedy, Kathleen, John Logan, Mike Lerner, Stephanie McMillan, Jim Rash, David Parker, Anne Seibel, Christopher Tellefsen, Lisa Tomblin, Guillaume Schiffman, Ethan Van der Ryn, Angus Wall, Ed Novick, Andy Nelson, Annie Mumolo, T.J. Martin, Arianne Phillips, Sandy Powell, Eimear O’Kane, Melissa McCarthy, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Andrew Bowler and Greg Butler.

Back row (left to right): J. Roy Helland, Richard Middlemas, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Rooney Mara, Fernando Trueba, Wendy Tilby, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Max Zähle, Michael Semanick, Kevin Tent, James Spione, Beau Willimon, David Vickery, Gore Verbinski, Michelle Williams, Aaron Sorkin, Stephen Tenenbaum, Octavia Spencer, Peter Straughan, Greg Russell, Dan Taylor, Lucy Walker, Jim Taylor, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Hallvar Witzø, R. Christopher White and Steven Zaillian.

  1. Jeepers. With this many people, suddenly being nominated for an Oscar doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

    That’s half of Hollywood right there.

  2. I thought Life magazine used to run this photo every year. I appreciate the blow up.
    Also,there are a lot of brunette heads nominated.

  3. A closer look reveals:
    Left side three rows up: third fellow in has the most interesting expression of the whole bunch.
    Max Von Sydow in the front row is the epitome of class in that suit he is wearing. He slays them all.
    Guys get two colours for their power suits and jackets, black or grey.
    Not a penny loafer or cowboy boot in sight, just one lonely pair of desert boots.
    Not a minority year in Hollywood I am guessing.

    1. I totally hear what you are saying, Duncan. A dearth of blacks. A dash of Asian. A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sight of Latinos. Man, Hollywood fancies itself so much more enlightened and progressive that other spheres of American life. Guess Hollywood is deluding itself.

    2. Really? Again? Do you know that this is not 90-th and black people are not the only ones with special needs? There are millions of asians and millions of latinos living in USA. Black people are not the special ones anymore.

      You mean there have to be spots for black people? How many exactly you demand? And how many spots there have to be for asian and latino people? I say there have to be a rule: “For best actors there have to be one black, one white, one asian and one latino actor. And number five can be anyone” :)

    1. You know it’s not necessary to type every thought that pops into your head. Yes, for the 100th time, Jonah Hill is nominated for an Oscar. A much deserved nomination.

  4. I was under the impression that blacks, asians and latinos were minorities in the USA.

    If so, I think it’s only normal that they’re also the minority in an assembly.

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