Sneak Peek At Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn Pt 2′

SUNDAY: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 on opening day starting at midnight Saturday sold an estimated 2.4 million DVD and Blu-ray units. That’s 15% ahead of its predecessor Eclipse. Digital sales on Saturday also were 45% higher than Eclipse for electronic sell-through, and 160% higher than Eclipse via video on demand.

SATURDAY: Amazing how some aging franchises can still cause a frenzy. There were long lines inside and outside retailers when this second-to-last Twilight Saga film Breaking Dawn – Part 1 began selling its DVDs, Blu-ray disks, as well as video-on-demand and electronic sell-thru at 12:01 AM Saturday across North America. Summit Entertainment partnered with Target and Walmart and held “midnight” fan events for the 3,000 select stores. Exclusive sneak peeks at footage from Breaking Dawn – Part 2 will be showing at some Targets nationwide. Walmart has an exclusive version of the Part 1 DVD (called ‘Bella’s Wedding Dress Edition’) while Target has a limited edition DVD (with a sweepstakes for fans to win a trip to the “real Isle Esme” resort, site of Bella’s & Edward’s honeymoon. The DVD also comes with a limited edition collectible: authentic prop flowers from the movie wedding scene encased in an acrylic keepsake. Wanne bet that next year Summit will include Bella’s baby afterbirth as a keepsake with Part 2‘s DVD? Anything for a buck.

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