SHOCKER: Chris Nolan’s Agent Dan Aloni Fired From CAA

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Nolan has just left CAA, in the wake of the firing of Dan Aloni. A source close to the situation tells me that Nolan and his producer/wife Emma Thomas, will be going wherever Aloni lands. This makes Aloni a prime commodity in the marketplace, whether he goes to an agency like WME or becomes a manager. I broke the story earlier today when CAA abruptly fired Aloni, on the grounds that he didn’t mesh with the agency’s culture. Nolan directed the three Batman films as well as Inception. He also produced Superman film Man of Steel. He’s a billion dollar director that any agency would kill to represent. Nolan is only 41 and he’s going to make a lot more movies.

I’d heard early today that while CAA tried to keep Nolan in the fold, the agency more or less expected this might happen. The agency is due about $12 million in commissions from past and upcoming film deals brokered for Nolan, which cushioned the blow somewhat. What a crazy development this has been. Nolan’s move underscores what I’ve heard about Aloni: he can be a prick with co-workers, but he kills for his clients and they are loyal in return. I’m waiting to see if Aloni’s other clients feel the same. Aside from the directors I mentioned earlier, he’s got Jay Roach and David Dobkin, and producers like Neal Moritz. That’s a lotta business.

Conley Low
3 years
He is truly untouchable at the moment. He surely has his choice of agencies and films to...
3 years
Re. the $12MM in commissions, when an agent is FIRED, there is an exit agreement in which...
3 years
Aloni is such an ASSHOLE. I'm actually surprise ANY creative talents sign with him. Recognizing that 'good...