UPDATE: Tracy Morgan Released From Hospital, Says He's Returning To '30 Rock' On Tuesday

Tracy Morgan HospitalizedUPDATE, 3:39 PM: Tracy Morgan has been released from Park City Medical Center after last night’s incident. He took to his Twitter feed today to explain: “The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn,” he wrote. Later, he offered thanks to the hospital staff and said he was returning to production on 30 Rock tomorrow.

PREVIOUS, 12:15 AM: According to the 30 Rock star’s publicist Lewis Kay, Tracy Morgan fell ill “from a combination of exhaustion and altitude” while being honored at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards in Park City. “Tracy is seeking medical attention. He is with his fiancé and is grateful to the Park City Medical Center for their care. Any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100% false.”

  1. Hopefully comedian Tracy Morgan is ok. It’s been a hectic time for him. And hopefully everything turns out ok for him.

  2. Why are celebrities always so quick to deny the involvement of drink or drugs in a collapse? I’d rather people thought I got completely wasted and passed out, than that I had some underlying health condition that make me prone to fainting.

    1. I pretty much just automatically hear “really, really wasted” any time I hear “exhaution” as an excuse from a celeb.

    1. Was thinking the very same thing. “Exhaustion.”???

      It’s sad, really. If someone actually DID fall victim to “exhaustion”, no one would buy it. “Exhaustion” HAS to be the most obvious cover-up in the history of press releases.

  3. @Michael – that altitude sickness is no joke in Park City, though. It wiped me out last year for a solid day. I’ve had friends pass out just sitting in a screening there.

  4. No one complains when I film my show and just about pass out while wearing all my body armor exiting my truck to catch the perpetrators. The entertainment industry is just not fair.

  5. I see the know-it-alls are posting again.

    For those who don’t know, Tracy has suffered from a variety of health issues including a kidney transplat last year and was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996. A diabetic with low blood sugar can certainly pass out. I know many want to blame drugs or alcohol but this is a NEWS site. Go post on the National Enquirer’s page if you want to spread rumors and false allegations.

  6. I know he’s a zany character, and I’m not even a fan, but give him a break!

    Morgan has diabetes that he doesn’t always control, and that combined with the altitude, is more than enough to knock him out for the count. He wasn’t drinking.

  7. Pittsburgh Steeler Ryan Clark couldn’t play in the post season game in Denver because they were afraid the altitude would affect a problem he has with his liver, just as it had caused him to become ill before. I just hope this incident doesn’t become a future episode of 30 Rock.

  8. The doctor claimed that there is no alcohol or drugs in his system. If it is not altitude or his diabete then what else could it be?

  9. Lay off Tracy. Altitude sickness is a real possibility in Park City. A day after arriving in town for Sundance a few years back, I spent a wretched morning in my hotel room, nearly passing out between the fever and the puking. The upside: I missed a screening of an Ashton Kutcher movie.

  10. This man was forced (yes, force) to go on a stupid goodwill tour to prove he doesn’t hate gay people and he had a kidney transplant the previous year. Man, that’s just not right. I don’t even like the guy that much any more, but he’s been beaten down with health problems and the politically correct demands of the entertainment industry. That’s keeping in mind he’s on a succesful television show with Alec Baldwin who didn’t go on a apology tour when he shouted out his actual daughter. Tracy Morgan’s threat against his possible kids was a joke. Baldwin’s was pretty close to an actual threat.

    in the next year you’ll be seeing this: R.I.P Tracy Morgan.

    1. Totally agree, it is OVERKILL and just stupid – like the execrable 30-rock who devoted last weeks show to whining about comments he already apologized for – move on and let it go.

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