SAG Awards: Shrine Auditorium Evacuated

UPDATE 2:10 PM: After a 15-minute evacuation, people are being slowly let back into the Shrine after going through a new extensive search, including metal detectors. The Red Carpet too is being reopened. Still no explanation as to what prompted the swift measure.

PREVIOUS 1:55 PM: The entire Shrine Auditorium, where the SAG Awards are to begin in 3 hours, has been evacuated and the red carpet has been temporary shut down. Deadline contributor Ray Richmond reports that everyone was told to leave the building immediately for a sweep as security forces with bomb-sniffing dogs swarmed the premises. Everyone has been escorted out. While bomb sweeps at major awards shows are standard procedure, such mass evacuations so close to the ceremony are unusual. We will update the story when more details are available.

  1. Could be the most interesting thing that happens tonight …

    (And yes, I can say this as no-one has been hurt. Ok)

  2. In addition to this, will someone PLEASE rush the stage and knock that microphone from Ken Howard’s corrupt hands?

  3. My God. I said I’m sorry. I made a joke and it fell flat. Can you cut me some slack here for at least for owning it?

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