Ricky Gervais On The Golden Globes: “Thank F*&# That's Over”

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2012Ricky Gervais took to his blog today to offer up his own post-mortem on his third stint hosting the Golden Globes. He called his latest effort “my favourite of the three.” (It might have been his favorite, but our boss certainly didn’t think it was his best work.) NBC said it would welcome the Brit comic for a fourth go at emcee duties, but he told Deadline immediately after the show Sunday that “I’m really done this time,” and he seems to reinforce that thought here. His post:

Phew! Thank fuck that’s over. I had a blast actually. It was by far my favourite of the three hosting stints. I’ve told my agent to never let me be persuaded to do it again though. It’s like a parachute jump. You can only really enjoy it in retrospect when you realise you didn’t die and it was quite an amazing thing to do.

The crowd were great this year too. I think they finally worked out that my gags only seemed rude and nasty but were actually not too scary at all. Or they were just drunker. Either way, it was fun but I’m glad to say I’m off to New York to chill out a bit. Ahhhhhh. And relax.

  1. I thought Ricky was hilarious this year — but it did seem like they cut his time and it was shorter. That’s my big complaint. And it really was better to see the crowd go along with it in my opinion — it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself and get roasted now and again. But yes, go out on a high note Ricky and don’t go through all this again. It’s been great but concentrate all your time on other stuff. Follow in the example of Sir Dr. James Franco and be on General Hospital and/or become a poet or something. Or get a real job for a little while. Speech therapist? Clooney’s pool cleaner?

    1. Amen. I’d hoped he’d try to go out with all the vim, vigor and lack of authority he claims to cherish but in this business maybe he did the smart thing (politically.)

      Then again (in a world that loves mocking the “rich and famous”) maybe not.

      They prepared us for a Level 10 and we got a Level 3.

      Either way, Ricky’s still funny.

  2. Hilarious? Tried subdued and benign and gutless. His material was no different to what we can expect from Billy Crystal.

    1. Welles, you obviously like your humour mean spirited. Like jabbing the knife in and twisting it as well. That’s not humour or even satire – unless you’re Japanese – that’s just plain sadism. And, putting Ricky Gervais in such classically, esteemed company as Billy Crystal will probably do his already large ego a world of good.

      Last year Gervais epitomised what a large portion of the under-belly is thriving on right now – dumbed-down, sadistic antics where Reality Exhibitionists just have to flash their gold American Express cards and get married to some no-hoper for the tenth time and seats are miraculously filled in front of their, ‘not yet paid off’ 46″ flat screen television sets. Delivering his calculatingly cruel and unwarranted material, Gervais showed us all what is currently broken in Britain and transported it through the network cables across America, just like the second rate manufacturing that comes out of China.

      All the going-no-wheres, gutless, envious, yet voyeuristic couch potatoes thought this was marvellous of course. (One wonders why these very same people even subscribe to SKY or cable or indeed pay to go to the Movie theatre if they loath the film industry and what it stands for so much.) That in itself is pretty ironic.

      However, this time around – although the Golden Globes were indeed terribly dull, give all these entertainment industry people cleverly scripted speeches and things might just change – Gervais himself must have either done some self analysis on his low-blow put downs or simply hired a comedy writer to help out. They’re a Bob a dozen in Hollywood if I’m not mistaken. As, his monologue was tuned in to the wittier edge of put downs and embraced clever innuendo and even a light bit of self flagellation. When you are on your own though Ricky, you’re not terribly hot, but at least this time around, you knew your limitations.

  3. First year, he was excellent.. Second time, he went so overboard that I couldn’t even stand the site of him, the third time he wasn’t as great as the first but it was more in line with what I would expect from a host. All you naysayers who wanted a roast or the mean spiritedness why don’t you just watch the razzies

  4. LOVE Ricky. BIG FAN. Last year, he crossed a line I don’t care what he says or feels. Good that he came back to “make it right” whether he knows it or not – he did and I’m glad. I think, after last year, a lot of people were not going to be in the Ricky Gervais business whether they would admit that outloud or not. One thing Hollywood has – ego. He hit many, and way below the belt last year. It was just mean spirited and uncalled for. This year, he stuck with what worked. If something was in the press or naturally funny, he hit below the belt. Worked. I think the first year was the best actually. This year – second best. Last year, funny but I worried for his career. I’m not worrying now. Good job Gervais.

  5. Must be strange to go from a year go being the talk of the show to not really being mentioned. He was over hyped and over promoted. But I guess nobody could live up to what was expected. At one point I forgot that he was even hosting. There was a rumor that his monologue was leaked on the web. Perhaps that was true had he didn’t have time to recreate the material.

    In like a lion < out like a lamb

    The show was so boring and only a few funny moments. Not just Ricky but the people there too.

  6. Seriously, can we blacklist the HFPA until it actually means something?

    IF the HFPA reformed and opened up to actual, real foreign entertainment journalists… but kept the boozy good-time of the show, and most important of all, kept the “roast” aspect that Ricky has introduced to the show…

    …then they’d have an Oscar killer. Seriously. If the HFPA had even a smidgen of the respectability of the Academy, a “Dark Oscars” show at the Beverly Hilton would beat the Kodak show in the ratings every year.

  7. I think his game plan was to tone it down. Get rid of all the post-show hype like last year, so he won’t be “dared” by the media next year. Everyone in the media threw down the gauntlet to both the HFPA and Gervais over the last year. Neither had a choice but to have him on again. Next year, there won’t be this hype, so if the HFPA does ask him back, he can gracefully turn it down.

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