Ricky Gervais On Golden Globes: “I Don't Care If You're Offended”

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Ricky Gervais met the press this morning at TCA a mere two days before his third hosting gig at Sunday’s Golden Globes. And while he assured that even he has standards (“I won’t do real personal tragedy,” he said), the suspense and fear around town over which Hollywood stars he might target this time grows by the hour. As a panel session for his new HBO mock documentary Life’s Too Short, the upcoming Globes gig took center stage. “I did it the first time to have a show in front of a global audience, which is a lot of fun for a comedian.” Gervais said. “I did it the second time because I thought I’d improve on the first, and I think I did that. And I wasn’t going to do it a third time, but then I kept hearing the press saying I wouldn’t be invited back, so I did it to annoy them.”

Gervais was asked if he was nervous this time given the attention over his bad-boy ways. “Nervous? No. What’s the worst that can happen? I end my career once a week if you read the press. I do things that could end my career now. That’s my extreme sport. If you get fun with it, which I do and I demand, and you get your own way and are happy with what you’ve done, then nothing can happen to you. You’re bulletproof. Everything I say, I can justify it, I can stand by it, as I do every joke I did last year, then I don’t care. I don’t care if you’re offended.” He continued: “Who am I targeting? Targets isn’t a word I would use — subjects. I’m going to do a monologue about what happened during the year, and then introduce six or seven people as I did last year. I’ve got nothing against any of those people in the room. I’ve worked with many of them. I like many of them. I admire them. They’re just gags. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or give them a bad night or undermine the moral fabric of America. I’m a comedian.

“I’d rather you laugh than gasp, but I cherish the gasps along with the laughs. I don’t know anyone who was really outraged last year. I mean, what did I say last year that was so outrageous?” (beat) “Oh yes. That.”

  1. He’s so smug and full of himself. It’s not the “edgy” jokes that annoy me- it’s the entitled, self congratulatory attitude.

    1. So you hate him for having fun at what he’s doing?

      Maybe you are just unhappy and don’t like to be reminded that other people have reason to smile.

      He isn’t smug. He makes fun of himself all the time.

      Get over yourself.

    2. I’d have to agree here. His sense of humor is lacking and I personally wouldn’t object so much to the pats on the back he so willingly grants himself if his humor were top notch. He tells a joke and then cracks up at his own material. Sometimes when comedians do that it can be funny but with Ricky it’s excessive and starts to become annoying. I won’t say all of his material is poor but I’d much rather see someone like Louis C.K. host. At least we know he’d be consistently funny and not first in line to give himself a handshake and a “job well done!”

    3. No, what I don’t like about him is when he uses phrases like “Mongs and Tards” in his everyday, non-comedic life (read some of his blog posts). Then tells the world it’s THEIR problem, not his, if they’re offended. That’s not funny or edgy, it’s just plain offensive.

      1. I totallly agree this guy is not funny, his shows are redundant. His Golden Globes jokes are also very lame but it’s the reactions from the offended people that make it funny. So Ricky, do your stunt tomorrow and then get lost!!

    4. Shut up – these people are so privileged and wealthy and don’t do anything for the world at large – I hope Ricky skewers everyone.

      Grow up. The self entitled idiots are the ones getting 14 million for crap movies and feel they deserve recognition

      1. So, going by the lack of humor in your rant, it isn’t Ricky that’s the issue for you, it is the actors, actresses, directors, etc that set you off. Question; why are you here?

  2. I think it’s good to point out how privileged these celebrities are.
    I think it’s good to make fun of people who 364 days a year thinks they’re above all the rest. It’s fun to watch the privileged sink down to trash level where they put most of us a lot of the time. Sort of keeps everything in perspective. I’m not a big fan of Ricky’s but I do like his ability to shoot from the hip at “Royalty” with a billion people watching.

  3. LOL… if anyone doesn’t want to be the butt of Ricky’s – or any other comedian’s – jokes, they shouldn’t have been an ass in the past, nor be one in future. Have fun with it Ricky and… have fun with it ya all. Can’t wait for the laughs either. Will definitely LOL, again. :)

  4. Last year he was just handing out insults, without actually being remotely funny. Maybe he’ll work in some actual good jokes this time rather than go purely for shock value.

  5. Gervais needs to do the Oscars. He’s the last chance of that stodgy, out-of-touch, borefest. I’m betting it will happen next year!

  6. I like what he’s been doing for the Golden Globes. He gives people a reason to watch the telecast in the first place. Who cares if these hollywood actors and actresses have their feelings hurt? They’re millionaires for god’s sake! Let them wipe their tears with $100 bills for all i care.

  7. Ricky is the modern day Lenny Bruce. A comedian’s comedian and a must watch. He’s putting the Golden Globes on the Globe. Expect their highest ratings ever!

  8. No, Vincent, he’s smug as hell. I once saw Graham Norton put Ricky in his place to his face for a joke at the expense of a much more junior comedian, and Ricky didn’t take it gracefully. People will tire of Ricky.

  9. He’s just insanely funny. I love him. And I’ve worked with several of the people he “skewered” last year and they think he’s hilarious, too. In fact most of them have already said that in public — Johnny Depp appeared on his show to show he took the Tourist jabs in stride. It’s an honor to be a Gervais target.

  10. Actually, I’m happy with this. Hollywood is filled with so much self-congratulatory sycophants -especially during award season- that they occasionally need someone to knock them off their pedestals. Besides, the brilliance of Ricky Gervais is the awkward humor. It’s dry, satirical and often on target. Actors are a bottomless pit of needs and wants, as one actor friend told me. Gervais does not take himself seriously because he knows what he does, in the end, is pretty silly (and he knows he’s getting paid well to do it, which probably increases his mirth about how the fans treat the “talent”).

  11. Obviously he does care if people are offended, he wants them to be offended, and he won’t shut up about it.

  12. Gervais should do the Washington Correspondents dinner. I’d love to see politicians getting skewered too. They’ve done far worse than star in the Tourist.

  13. Ricky Gervais has (IMO, correctly) turned the show into a Celebrity Roast. If an actor or other nominee has skin thin enough that they can’t handle it — either by just taking the lumps as a good sport or *by dishing it right back out at Gervais* or some other opportune target — then, rather than bitch about it, they should just not go.

    The Globes is about as credible as the Iowa Caucus — which is, to say, it isn’t at all credible — so it just seems to me that the thin-skins really need to ask themselves why they’re wasting so much energy objecting to the type of self-parodic goofing around that they themselves often take part in at cast wrap parties? Suck it up and enjoy the opportunity to promote your movie (whether it’s good or bad) in a self-effacing way. Heck, Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock both had the sense of good sportsmanship to accept their own Razzies in person and the Globes, even under Gervais, isn’t the merciless, scathingly satiric event that the Razzies is.

  14. Seeing Ricky roast some of these celebs that have nothing more to do then pat each other on the back during the awards season is fun. Who cares anyways? The people he roasts put themselves in certain positions to be targets for his comedy. Like he said, he doesn’t do personal tragedies, so no need to get all sensitive about anything.

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