Ricky Gervais: “I'm Really Done This Time” Hosting The Golden Globes

Nikki Finke: Why Ricky Gervais Stunk Tonight

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s Golden Globes coverage.

Ricky Gervais, Golden GlobesDeadline caught up with Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais at the HBO afterparty, where he was just sitting down to a post-ceremony cocktail.

DEADLINE: So how do you think it went this time? Better than a year ago?
GERVAIS: Oh much. The crowd was with me this time. They went where I went. It’s like they were ready for me this time and it felt pitch-perfect.

DEADLINE: What happened when you wound up saying “Fucking” during the show. What was that all about? Was that your way of getting back at the HFPA?
GERVAIS: Oh no no no. The censors knew it was coming. That was planned.

DEADLINE: So do you think we’ll see you back for another year of hosting the Golden Globes?
GERVAIS: No. I’m really done this time. It’s enough. Three is plenty — at least that’s what Charlie Sheen told me.

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  1. What an incredibly boring show.

    Its the same old same old, giving awards to the same old.

    It just felt, well, old.

  2. Really tame. Kind of disappointing in that sense but I felt he had more control of the room. Everyone was playing along…except Madonna but I think she died five years ago anyway.

  3. He’s “really done this time” because it was mind-numbingly boring. I tuned in only because of the promise of last year, but I will not be fooled again. Ever. Thanks for nothing, Ricky.

    1. Won’t bother watching the new HBO series either. He has indeed been “defanged.” What a shame.

    2. Well, at least these posts are pretty funny, if nothing else. You guys actually thought that Ricky Gervais would miraculously deliver from the bowels of his low-brow, pretty thick mentality a night worth remembering. An entertaining evening with satire and skits, ironic puns, wit and charm. Funny how folk’s judgement can be so clouded when they know they are supposed to laugh on cue. Programming?

      I think you may all just be starting to realise that Ricky Gervais is like the Emperor’s New Clothes – Absolutely nothing worth pondering over underneath. A blind man playing darts for the first time has more talent than this guy.

      Best to tell your jokes down at the Kings Head Ricky, but remember, that’s three feet from his ass.

      1. Ricky was hysterical the first two years, but blew chunks last night. Who knows why — maybe he was phoning it in because he really doesn’t want to do it again? But the man has proven over and over that he’s quite funny and talented. Just not last night.

  4. British. Just to clarify Ricky gervais no matter how offensive or risky Ricky has been in previous years he was beyond awful this year, last year I was disappointed in him for disappearing midway through the show for over an hour but this year it was literally Ricky appearing for 6 mins in the whole 3 hour show, and not a single risky, offensive, funny joke in the lot. Thank god we made a drinking game out of the winners or losers because that was the only fun moment of the night, btw I’m normally a great lover of most movie awards seeing good in the bad, same follows for Ricky gervais but honestly tonight he proved what an ungrateful to his fans hack he is. But on a lighter note I’d like to say, Morgan freemans speech was the best of the night and he truly deserved it, it was a beautiful moment, truly,

  5. when clooney is more risqué than than the supposedly risqué host, it’s time for a change. bravo to gervais though for the body of globes work.

  6. Very disappointed with Mr. Gervais….to me, there was no edge to him tonight, as there was last year… he just caved in to the pressure to behave…. too bad, as the attending self adoring wankers needed somebody to shake them up again….

  7. Quite obviously, they made him behave. Which is a shame. I didn’t expect him to tear Hollywood a new one -again-, but he could have squeezed one or two borderline sharp jokes in there.

    In all honesty: this could have been hosted by anybody.

  8. Ricky gave us some great tv (mainly the office), but can we all agree to completely ignore him for a while? He’s merely feeding off any form of attention he gets, good or bad and when he feeds to much he vomits out rubbish like Life’s Too Short. Let’s just all turn our backs and he’ll disappear from our lives.

  9. It is simple : last year was great this year was awful.
    Charlie is right Ricky, three is enough, you have been brainwashed by fake and too wealthy for their sake Hollywood…Sad.
    I will come back watching funny people : the Monty Pythons.

  10. Last year was better. I’m glad he won’t do it again. The jokes were pretty lame this year. Felt like a Leno monologue.

  11. It’s sadly obvious that poor Ricky has been caught in the “Damned if he does, Damned if he doesn’t” cauldron. This evening’s 90-minute well-deserved celebration of Betty White’s 90th birthday had far more laughter and wit than the entire 3 hours of The Golden Globes. But let’s look on the bright side. Even a lousy Golden Globes extravaganza is certain to be far superior to the upcoming, upchucking Academy Awards snoozer.

  12. Perhaps Mr. Gervais did exactly what he set out to do. Give an admirable, although lackluster, performance to end the “oooo…what he said…will they hire him back next year?” nonsense. No controversy this year, so no year-long reporting/questioning. Now he can gracefully turn it down without the gauntlet having been thrown down by the press.

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