Patric Verrone To Receive WGA West's Morgan Cox Award

Los Angeles – Former Writers Guild of America, West President and Emmy and Writers Guild Award-winning writer Patric M. Verrone is set to receive the WGAW’s 2012 Morgan Cox Award in recognition of his exemplary service to the Guild. Verrone will be honored at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards’ West Coast ceremony to be held on Sunday, February 19, 2012, at the Hollywood Palladium.

  1. This is a joke. Verrone has done more to weaken our guild than anyone in memory. His inept handling of the strike, his egregious capitulation at the negotiation’s end, and then his relentless and delusional spinning of that sad chapter as a victory for writers….pathetic, all of it. I recently contacted the WGA about a late-pay issue, got the usual indifference and ineptitude. I wish our guild would pay more attention to that kind of stuff–the real needs of its members–rather than waste our dues money wanking off with PACs and parties and award dinners….especially when the honorees are characters like Verrone.

    1. There are two kinds of writers in the Guild. Those serve and those who whine. Now we know what kind you are!

  2. Hey Anonymous–

    I have served on a whole slew of WGA committees over the years, have donated my time to countless speakers’ panels and mentorship programs, and my money to all sorts of guild-related charities and causes. I did my picketing every single day of the strike without fail, and I believed in the goals we all shared–goals that our leadership then abandoned with a negotiating strategy that was an almost impossible combination of cynicism and ineptitude. So I think I’ve earned the right, without being accused by you of “whining,” to point out what every writer I know feels, and what the most recent WGA presidential election underscored: that Patric Verrone’s stewardship of the guild was a disaster, that he set back the interest of working writers, and that it’s an outrage that the WGA is now honoring him. There is way too much back-scratching up in that fancy office building on Third St., and way too little concern for the real mission of the guild: not parties, not junkets to France and Maui and Acapulco (look into it–your dues money at work!), but rather making life better for working members of the guild.

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