OSCARS: Trailer Premieres

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has produced its trailer for the 84th Academy Awards with Funny Or Die. Featuring host Billy Crystal and Robin Williams, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, William Fichtner and Vinnie Jones, the trailer debuts in more than 2,000 theaters tomorrow.

    1. Not to point out the obvious, but you could say that about almost anything anyone’s ever spent money on.

      But your point is well taken: Because you personally didn’t like something, a bunch of kids died. Shame on ABC for dipping into their “Feed Poor Kids” coffers to produce an advertisement for a program on their network!

      That said, the ad is pretty lame and unfunny. I just doubt it killed any children with its lameness.

  1. When Crystal last hosted, during the opening credits I asked someone whether or not this was a tribute to Billy Crystal or to the year’s films. This trailer suggests a similar tone to the forthcoming show.
    It’s unfortunate that the Academy feels it has to plug a “name” rather than the whole idea of the show – which is “the movies.”

  2. Really? It builds to a joke about texting?
    So another Oscar broadcast that is a good 5 years behind the zeitgeist. Can’t wait for the joke about organic food. Or the one about two men kissing. Or the one about…

  3. I was born in 1986 I can say without any hesitation that I dig Billy Crystal’s humor and panache (finally I get to use ‘panache’!).
    Welcome back Mr.Saturday Night.
    James and Anne last year were pitiful.

  4. What this says it the show will be like the other ones he did. Solid, amusing, efficient, respectful and with a funny bit at the beginning.

    Old school.

    Personally, they should have gone with Neil Patrick Harris if they wanted that.

  5. Wow that was REALLY bad. I was kind of excited about Billy hosting again, but this trailer makes you want to miss the show. Such a shame, they clearly spent a bunch of money on it too….

  6. Come on you guys, this is just one piece of the puzzle, a fun piece.

    To try to pay homage to the nominees, that have yet to be announced, is not possible yet.

    As far as the $$ spent, I am sure that many of the talented people that put this together volunteered their services. There is a lot of production value in this spot, and a peek at the efforts going into the Oscars this year.

  7. Why Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel of all people? Nothing against them, but it was painful to watch them try so hard and fail. (Duhamel especially isn’t exactly a buzz-creating actor, so he seems an odd choice for this.)

  8. wow a lot of anger here today.
    It was a cute little trailer that does its job- tells people that BC is back hosting again, with his borscht belt humor(“you could have texted”- sounds like a yiddish inflected- “you could have called”.) It’s not a work of art.It’s not cutting edge. It’s a decent commercial.

  9. They had him killing a wolf with a bow and arrow? Not cool. I get that wolf hunting is legal in most areas, but was it necessary to include that in a comedy bit? To show “gritiness” of a person where you would normally not expect it?

    How about next time he also bashes in a bear cub’s head with a stone. That can be “gritty” for comedic juxtapositioning, too.

  10. Though it looks like it was made for a million dollars, I’m sure the budget for this project was a lot less than you think. Funny or Die is notorious for not paying actors, and underpaying crews and creatives. They also don’t deal with unions. It’s called “reinventing the model!” What an amazing company!

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