'Melancholia' Named Best Picture By National Society Of Film Critics

UPDATED: Lars von Trier’s Melancholia is the big winner as the National Society of Film Critics unveiled its awards today. The film took best picture honors, and star Kirsten Dunst was selected best actress as she was at the Cannes Film Festival. The drama beat out Terrence Malick’s The Tree Of Life for the top honor, according to the group’s vote total, followed by the Iranian film A Separation; Malick did win best director. Brad Pitt was voted best actor for Moneyball and Tree Of Life. Here’s the full list of winners:

*1. Brad Pitt – 35 (Moneyball, The Tree Of Life)
2. Gary Oldman – 22 (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)
3. Jean Dujardin – 19 (The Artist)

*1. Kirsten Dunst – 39 (Melancholia)
2. Yun Jung-hee – 25 (Poetry)
3. Meryl Streep – 20 (The Iron Lady)

*1. Albert Brooks – 38 (Drive)
2. Christopher Plummer – 24 (Beginners)
3. Patton Oswalt – 19 (Young Adult)

*1. Jessica Chastain – 30 (The Tree Of Life, Take Shelter, The Help)
2. Jeannie Berlin – 19 (Margaret)
3. Shailene Woodley – 17 (The Descendants)

*1. Melancholia – 29 (Lars von Trier)
2. The Tree Of Life – 28 (Terrence Malick)
3. A Separation – 20 (Asghar Farhadi)

*1. Terrence Malick – 31 (The Tree Of Life)
2. Martin Scorsese – 29 (Hugo)
3. Lars von Trier – 23 (Melancholia)

*1. Cave Of Forgotten Dreams – 35 (Werner Herzog)
2. The Interrupters – 26 (Steve James)
3. Into The Abyss – 18 (Werner Herzog)

*1. A Separation – 39 (Asghar Farhadi)
2. Moneyball – 22 (Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin)
3. Midnight In Paris – 16 (Woody Allen)

*1. A Separation – 67 (Asghar Farhadi)
2. Mysteries Of Lisbon – 28 (Raoul Ruiz)
3. Le Havre – 22 (Aki Kaurismäki)

*1. The Tree Of Life – 76 (Emanuel Lubezki)
2. Melancholia – 41 (Manuel Alberto Claro)
3. Hugo – 33 (Robert Richardson)

Ken Jacobs, Seeking The Monkey King

1. BAMcinématek for its complete Vincente Minnelli retrospective with all titles shown on 16 mm. or 35 mm. film.
2. Lobster Films, Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema and the Technicolor Foundation for Cinema for the restoration of the color version of George Méliès’s “A Trip to the Moon.”
3. New York’s Museum of Modern Art for its extensive retrospective of Weimar Cinema.
4. Flicker Alley for their box set Landmarks Of Early Soviet Film.
5. Criterion Collecton for its 2-disc DVD package The Complete Jean Vigo.

  1. Agree with Pitt for Moneyball, everything else was a wash. Love Albert Brooks, but everyone involved in that god awful Drive should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Drive is the best movie of the year. You should see it again when you grow up a little. Sorry you were expecting Fast Five.

      1. I’m sorry but MONEYBALL was a snoozefest. Most overrated film of the year on a list with THE HELP and THE ARTIST …. oh yeah and MELANCHOLIA.

        DRIVE is one of the best. Also BEGINNERS.

    2. Drive was fantastic. It got consistently good reviews and has won numerous awards. You’re welcome to your opinion, but it’s clearly the minority view.

  2. A Separation is a masterpiece. It deserves every award it gets. I am glad that more people are seing it. It deserves to do the kind of numbers The Devil Inside is doing.

  3. ”God awful Drive”?!? Your powers of discerning greatness are nil. Praying you have nothing to do with the business.

  4. Ridiculous. Brad Pitt was good but not great, like always. Albert brooks did nothing special, just your average bad guy. Jessica Chastain is a good actress but did she just win because she was in 3 “award-attentional” movies and the rest in just one?

    Melancholia and The Tree of Life, the two most boring, overrated and wannabe intelligent movies of the year are n°2 and 3. Gotta love those critics who create the bandwagon and those other critics jumping it.

    Now hate me.

    1. Look what you did National Society of film Critics, I made a mistake because of YOU. Melancholia and Tree of Life are N°1 and N°2 for best picture, undeservedly of course. Those guys are responsible when people make small mistakes in comments concerning their award shows. They even got a master of wisdom like me. Damn those critics!!!

  5. You mean critical thought isn’t dead in the US? Thank you National Society of Film Critics. Long may you wave.

  6. I hope Kirsten Dunst receives an Oscar nomination over the insufferable and overrated Michelle Williams. I know it is not going to happen, because of award show politics.

  7. “Tree of Life” is the most daring, original film of the year.
    People who are bored should stick with the superhero flicks.

  8. Good for Brad Pitt and I’m pleased Patton was in the conversation. Would have loved to see Charlize make the top 3, very well deserved.

  9. Watching the ______ struggles with _______ during _______ trophy hunt movie crowd snap at each other is always hilarious. These crap movies have the shelf life of milk.

  10. Milk was a great film, what are you talking about.

    Have to add my vote to Drive being overrated, it was ok, but very flawed. I think Refyn is great, Bronson is awesome, in comparison to that drive is worse in every way. Gosling is good but how can he get a nom for that non performance, silly. and mulligan woefully miscast (that accent, ouch).

    Melancholia and Tree of life are great films, true film making not blockbuster pap.

  11. Where’s Michael Shannon? Hands down, the BEST performance of the year came from Shannon in “Take Shelter”. Shame on all of you, critics everywhere.

    Brad Pitt delivered a competent portrayal of Billy Beane, but he always exhibits a certain sense of smugness in every role he plays, and this one was no different. And Pitt over Shannon, Oldman and Dujardin? Seriously?

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