There are three figures that stand out about last night’s CNN Republican presidential debate in Florida: It averaged 5.36 million viewers, and it was the 10th most watched of 18(!) GOP TV debates so far this election season. It was slightly up from the last debate on CNN on January 19 (5.02 million) and slightly down from the last one on rival Fox News (5.48 million). Broadcast networks ABC and NBC lead the pack in total viewers with their specials. Here’s the ratings rankings for the debates so far:

Net             Date           Day           Total Viewers

ABC            12/10/11     Saturday     7.57 million

NBC            1/23/12      Monday        7.13 million

Fox News    12/15/11     Thursday     6.71 million

ABC            1/7/12         Saturday     6.25 million

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Agreed, those guys are hilarious, I'm 14, not American so I don't know everything that is going...
Faux News
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And how many of the five million were Democrats like me and my friends who tuned in...
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It would take a Republican debate every night to get CNN 5 million viewers for anything on...

Fox News     9/22/11      Thursday     6.11 million

CNN             10/18/11    Tuesday      5.50 million

Fox News      1/16/12     Monday       5.48 million

MSNBC         9/7/11       Wednesday  5.41 million

CNN             1/26/12   Thursday    5.36 million

CBS             11/12/11    Saturday     5.29 million

Fox News      8/11/11     Thursday     5.05 million

CNN             1/19/12     Thursday      5.02 million

NBC/MSNBC  1/8/12       Sunday       4.72 million

CNN              9/12/11     Monday       3.61 million

CNBC           11/9/11      Wednesday 3.33 million

Fox News      5/5/11       Thursday     3.26 million

CNN             6/13/11      Monday       3.12 million