As the field of Republican presidential candidates shrinks, so do the ratings for the GOP debates. After peaking at 7.6 million with the December 10 ABC News debate, audiences mostly have been on the decline. Last night’s special on CNN averaged 5.02 million total viewers, 1.7 million in adults 25-54. That was down from the Fox News debate just three days earlier.

Net             Date           Day           Total Viewers

ABC            12/10/11     Saturday     7.57 million

Fox News    12/15/11     Thursday     6.71 million

ABC            1/7/12         Saturday     6.25 million

Fox News     9/22/11      Thursday     6.11 million

CNN             10/18/11    Tuesday      5.50 million

Fox News      1/16/12     Monday       5.48 million

MSNBC         9/7/11       Wednesday  5.41 million

CBS             11/12/11    Saturday     5.29 million

5 years
How can you say there's not a liberal bias in media? A story like this about Democrat...
Donna Palmer
5 years
I think the decline in the debates is because all the networks only favor 3 candidates-Gingrich,Santorum and...
5 years
Maybe the allure of silly old white men throwing temper tantrums has worn off?

Fox News      8/11/11     Thursday     5.05 million

CNN             1/19/12   Thursday   5.02 million

NBC/MSNBC  1/8/12       Sunday       4.72 million

CNN              9/12/11     Monday       3.61 million

CNBC           11/9/11      Wednesday 3.33 million

Fox News      5/5/11       Thursday     3.26 million

CNN             6/13/11      Monday       3.12 million