DGA Awards Nominations Announced

HAMMOND: Fincher In, Spielberg Out; What Does It Mean For Oscar Race?

Los Angeles – Directors Guild of America President Taylor Hackford today announced the five nominees for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2011.

“The directors nominated this year for the Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film Award have each demonstrated an inspired command of the medium. The fact that their prodigious talents have been recognized by their peers is the highest honor a director can achieve,” said Hackford. “I offer my most sincere congratulations to each of the nominees.”

The winner will be named at the 64th Annual DGA Awards Dinner on Saturday, January 28, 2012, at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland. The nominees are (in alphabetical order):

Midnight in Paris
(Sony Pictures Classics)
Mr. Allen’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: Matthieu Rubin, Helen Robin
First Assistant Director: Gil Kenny
Second Assistant Director: Delphine Bertrand

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
(Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures)
Mr. Fincher’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Daniel M. Stillman
First Assistant Director: Bob Wagner
Second Assistant Director: Allen Kupetsky
Production Manager (Sweden Unit): Karolina Heimburg
Second Assistant Directors (Sweden Unit): Hanna Nilsson, Pontus Klänge
2nd Second Assistant Director (Sweden Unit): Niklas Sjöström
2nd Second Assistant Director (U.S. Unit): Maileen Williams
Unit Production Manager (Zurich Unit): Christos Dervenis
Unit Production Manager (U.K. Unit): Lara Baldwin
Second Assistant Director (U.K. Unit): Paul Taylor

The Artist
(The Weinstein Company)
Mr. Hazanavicius’ Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Antoine De Cazotte
Production Manager (FR): Ségoléne Fleury
First Assistant Director (FR): James Canal
First Assistant Director (US): David Cluck
Second Assistant Director (US): Dave Paige
Second Second Assistant Directors: Karla Strum, Ricky Robinson

The Descendants
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Mr. Payne’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: George Parra
First Assistant Director: Richard L. Fox
Second Assistant Director: Scott August
Second Second Assistant Director: Amy Wilkins Bronson

(Paramount Pictures)
Mr. Scorsese’s Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: Charles Newirth, Georgia Kacandes, Angus More Gordon
First Assistant Director: Chris Surgent
Second Assistant Director: Richard Graysmark
Second Assistant Directors: Tom Brewster, Fraser Fennell-Ball
Production Managers (Paris Unit): Michael Sharp, Gilles Castera
First Assistant Director (Paris Unit): Ali Cherkaoui

    1. Actually, this is a great call. He has done everything that was expected from a great director and most of the problems with TGWTDT come from the script. Also, he took the spot that most people had reserved for Spielberg, simply because his name is Spielberg. The man has made some decent movies over the years but absolutely did not deserve a nod for the horrible and sappy War Horse (It was like a 2 hour Horse commercial mixed with bad sentimentality).

      1. I concur. I was highly disappointed with ” The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ” ( the original was much better and Fincher copied much of the original film ). I liked “Hugo ” , but it was not great. People are always kissing up to Scorsese ( not all his films are masterpieces ) . I slept through some of ” The Descendants ” , so I don’t understand the appeal. And, I am very happy the very overrated ” Tree Of Life ” directing was not recognized . Their is some justice in this world.

  1. The most entertaining of this group for me Would be Woody Allen. Loved this movie- glad its getting recognition and that it did so well at the box office. Liked GWTDT and the Descendants too. Hugo- not so much. and the Artist to me was all hype, except for that dog

  2. I thought “The Help” would be the Oscar frontrunner, but no DGA nomination means no Best Director Oscar nomination, and that means no Best Picture Award…

    …of course, the last time a movie failed to get a DGA nomination and a Best Director Oscar nomination AND won Best Picture was for “Driving Miss Daisy” which was a film about the relationship between white Southerners and their black help.

  3. Since Fincher wholesale lifted numerous of his film’s shots from Oplev I hope in the event he wins that he remembers to thank him for the ‘inspiration’ he got for his none too impressive version.

  4. re: comments on Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo – regardless of what you think of the DGA nom, as far as comparisons between Fincher’s version and the 2009 Swedish film go, it should be noted that Fincher’s film is an re-adaptation of the book, not a re-make of the Swedish version. It’s an important distinction that should inform one’s opinion when comparing the two films.

    Defend and prefer either version to your heart’s content, but to say Fincher’s is a remake of the Swedish version is inaccurate. Of course they have a lot in common, both films are based on the same material. Even still, they are significantly different takes on the same story.

  5. Spielberg robbed again! Cinematic brilliance . Woody presents another “neurotic lifetime movie”…dragon tatoo ??? Really? War horse barbed wire scene is an American classic… Too bad the guild bows to the critc elitist!!! Once again … A classic will speak for itself…

  6. I’m surprised by some of these comments.

    If anything, Payne is really the big disappointment amongst the DGA nominees.

    Regardless of what you thought of the story, Spielberg killed it w/ War Horse only the way Spielberg could. He has brilliant, elegant command of the medium. He works with the best. Always. What some see as the same ol’ cheezy over the top sentimental schlock, is in fact a filmmaker boldly challenging you w his brand and ultimately, his aesthetic. And every fucking frame of that movie worked and I wanted to hate it when I went in…but the movie and poppa Spielberg won me over yet again. I thought the rest of the DGA would feel the same way.

    Fincher also did a great job w TGWTDT. Yes, the 2009 film and this latest version have a similar style and feel ( the sequences w the Martin Vagner character come to mind), but consider the source material. Still, Fincher has been nominated before and was famously snubbed last year. The DGA and the Academy love to give love after the fact so this could be Fincher’s year. But he has a lot of good work ahead of him. I still think he should of taken the gold for Button.

    And like Danny Boyle in 2009, MICHEL HAZANAVICIUS has made a fast, tight little film like no one has seen in some time. He deserves it.

    And Woody Allen’s new film is so classic and refreshing, I think its well deserved.

    I’m upset about the lack of nomination for MAlick. Still, as much as I love Malick and his latest film, regardless of the accolades it may or not deserve, in the history of the Academy, these filmmakers get nominated and occasionally passed over time and time again. Have you whinny fucks never studied Kubrick in regards to the history of motion pictures?

    Payne’s new film just doesnt hold weight here. Sorry.

  7. All of you who are in favour of Fincher…. well that’s your choice, but it is a huge surprise he is in the top 5, seriously!

    I doubt he will get an Oscar nomination. Hope not!

    The only reason David received the DGA nomination is to tell him how sorry the DGA is for picking Tom Cooper for The King’s Speech over Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK last year. That is so very obvious. So they’re making it up to him with another DGA nomination, his 3rd in a row.

    How is it no one has brought this up as yet? I truly will be shocked if he gets an Oscar nomination. Hell! Even the GOLDEN GLOBES almost completely dismissed TGWTGT!

  8. A MIXED HODGE-PODGE OF IDEAS…. just jumping around with my thoughts.

    T. Mallick’s TREE OF LIFE is a lovely film to look at like most of his films……. which is due mainly to the great eye of the cinematographer. The film went nowhere and it is lucky to be on almost every ten best list for 2011. It’s not a really bad film, but it becomes too philosphical for too long for people to like it.

    The Globes totally ignored it. I knew they would.

    Most people who got to a theatre to see TREE OF LIFE fell asleep during the film.

    HAZANAVICIUS would be a good choice as winner, but I always tend to think it’s so unfair for a newcomer taking the top prize as did Robert Redford and KEVIN KOSTNER both over brilliant films from SCORSESE: 1) Raging Bull voted as the greatest film of the 1980’s.
    And 2) Dancing with Wolves winning over GOODFELLAS! It’s totally unbelievable.

    This will be a big DGA surprise year!


    I’m not defending the GLOBES for ignoring Tree of Life. I will remain neutral on this subject. However, I only have mixed respect for this Foreign Press organization who are a very strange group of some 85 so-called journalists.The HFPA must have its collective head up its collective ass most of the time as a great many of the winners are travesties to film and television year after year. They just relish in nominating BIG NAMES and often shock the hell out of us as to their choice of winners.

    Matt LeBlanc, Kelsey Grammer would be two names to keep in mind as winners in truly horribe shows. With the HFPA it’s like a big game they like to play, a game in which they cheat an awful lot of the time.

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